Ultra Boost Vs Ultra Boost ST – Choose The Right One For You!

Ultra Boost Vs Ultra Boost ST


Do you want to buy a new pair of soft running shoes with better cushioning?

Or do you get stuck to choose between Ultra Boost vs Ultra Boost ST?

Then this article is just perfect for you to clear out all your doubts and confusion.

Adidas has been recognized as one of the top brands for its quality products. It has introduced ultra-boost technology that creates excellent cushioning. Ultra Boost and Ultra Boost ST from Adidas maximize your comfort and make your running hassle-free.

So if you have made your mind buy a new brand shoe for running, stay us with to know which one is better or the best for you.

Ultra Boost Vs Ultra Boost ST

While talking about the quality of Ultra Boost and Ultra Boost ST, none of them will disappoint you. Both product have some unique features and specifications. When you select the suitable shoe between Ultra Boost and Ultra Boost ST, you should know all the similarities and dissimilarities about them.

Let the discussion begin!

Table of Comparison

 Ultra Boost

Ultra Boost ST


It has neutral pronation

It has overpronation


Slipper collar

Detached collar

Type Of Cushioning

Provides soft cushioning

Provides mid-soft cushioning

Overlay Material

TPU cage



10.9 oz.

11.5 oz.

Top 3 Models

  1. Ultra Boost Running Shoe– Maximizes comfort!
  2. Ultra Boost Shoe-For Women Looks great!
  3. Ultra Boost Shoe-For Kids The best choice for baby boys!
  1. Ultra Boost ST Running Shoe-Highly breathable!
  2. Men’s Ultra Boost STBest value price!
  3. Women’s Ultra boost ST–Provides extra stability!

Recommended Pick: Ultra Boost

When the time of choosing one between Ultra Boost vs Ultra Boost ST, we will pick the Ultra Boost. The reasons for this recommendation-

The Ultra Boost from Adidas has a lot of appreciation and praise for its eye-catchy and elegant look. The durable materials and the excellent flexibility of its sole have it more trustworthy. Many runners feel comfortable with these shoes for their running practices.

The advanced boost technology has introduced exceptional cushioning and prolonged energy that makes it more rigid than other shoes. When talking about the midsole of this shoe it stores and delivers more power. This neutral running shoe has an excellent grip and less stability control.

Besides, the upper sole material makes it more lightweight compared to Ultra Boost ST, and it does not crumble like other shoes available in the market. It is easier to fold them and put them in your luggage while traveling.

Let’s see its unique features.


The lightweight of Ultra Boost makes it more comfortable than other competitor shoes. If we compare to ST, Ultra Boost is lighter. As ST has an extra boost component or rubber outsole, it is more substantial.


It has made up of TPU and EVA. The tongue of the upper sole provides an excellent grip, so it reduces the chance of slipping. The design of its upper prime knit, midsole, and outsole make it more unique.


3D frame design allows you to lock your heel. This design and materials make it a very comfy shoe and perfectly fit your feet.

Sole Unit

Adidas puts utmost effort into its sole unit, and the foaming material creates torsion.    The outsole has a large contact area that provides an outstanding grip. The responsiveness of cushioning protects you from slipping.


The upper prime knit material entirely encloses your foot and adds strength and provides support to your foot. This knit material has breathability and makes your shoe comfortable.

Flexible Stretching

The rubber pattern has a stretching design that supports the structure and shape. The advanced tread design provides superb stretching and adjusts the feet flex during running.


  • Provides excellent grip
  • Adds strength and support
  • Maximizes comfort
  • Delivers flexible stretching


  • Midsole sometimes creates irritation
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Details of- Ultra Boost ST

The Ultra Boost ST is the right choice for the daily running, provides moderate support, and gives a stylish look. Let’s have a glance at its features in detail.


The luxurious design of this shoe makes it trendier. The cool outsole allows high wearability and exceptional grip. Boost foaming provides you a compatible running experience even if in the adverse condition.

Comfort Level

Incredible boost materials make it super soft and increase your comfort level. The excellent cushioning allows flexible gliding, provides shock absorption, and protects your feet from slipping.


While discussing sustainability, it ensures 20% more durability than other shoes available in the market. The prime knit encloses your feet tightly and adds strength.


It has manufactured for the people who look for extra stability. The flexible cushioning makes it rigid by adding additional support to the structure. It has designed to return more energy to ensure efficiency.


  • Perfect choice for pronators
  • Comfortable fit
  • Adds durability and rigidity
  • Smooth fit


  • High cost
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Which One is Your Suitable Selection?

If you look for a neutral running shoe with an outstanding grip and less stability control, Ultra Boost will be the perfect selection for you. Its super soft and comfy sole makes your running activity smooth.

The Ultra Boost ST is suitable for under pronators and daily stability trainer as it has a springy midsole and soft upper cloth. However, it is heavier but ensures a stable ride and allows moderate support for your road running.

As we mentioned at the end of this article, we will able to decide to select the suitable one for you. So now you can pick up the most suitable one and enjoy your running.

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