Tips for Wearing a Walking Boot- Painless Wearing Every Time

Tips for Wearing a Walking Boot


A walking boot plays a vital role when you have a broken toe or fractured leg. People also know it as the PO(Post Operating) shoes.

The importance of using a walking boot is beggar’s description. It makes your life easier by letting you walk with any toe fractures.

But some of us feel troublesome while wearing this type of boot. But why? These boots are to give ease, not pain. Still, if you are having trouble wearing these orthopedic shoes, then there may be something fishy in your use.

Oh! Listen, keep on reading. Today, we will share some secret tips for wearing a walking boot. After you follow these tips, you won’t face any issues further.

Walking Boot Purpose

When can I use a Walking boot? You should know the answer. So, Before you jump on the tips, at first understand what the purpose of this walking boot is.

If you just had surgery on your leg, your doctor may suggest you wear these boots. Besides, if you got a sprain on your leg, injuries in tendon, broken toes, sprain in the ankle, or any fracture in the leg, then these medical shoes are your need.

A medical walking boot is very beneficial for people with any type of foot injury. It is different from other regular shoes. You can wear these shoes even if your toes are broken, and you can’t even touch them.

This surgical boot comes with so many benefits on use. It can help you to live your regular life as usual. And you won’t feel like you’re moving with a special kind of shoe on your leg.

Tips for Wearing a Walking Boot-Don’t Miss Any

Tips for Wearing a Walking Boot

Let’s focus on the point—many face some problems like swelling, or feeling pain, or sweating too much. So, here we will let you know some tips and suggestions. By following them, you won’t face any issues further.

Well, we have explained the tips here based on the different problematic situations. Read them and know which one you need badly.

Get Rid off Swollen Issues

It might happen your leg is swelling after wearing a walking boot. And you feel suffocation. So, to avoid such problems, loosen the chamber of the shoes.

You may have tightened the chambers too much. As a result, your leg swells gradually for having more pressure than endurance. So, don’t stretch the velcro strap too much. Keep it according to the swollen injury type.

However, if somehow your leg swelled, you should immediately take off the shoes. Put some ice cubes on the dilated area.

*** Never put the ice directly on the swelled part. Use any towel or cloth to put the ice pack. Again, make sure the ice does not get melted and water spills over your leg. Change the ice every after it melts.***

Again, when you wear the boots, place your leg on the boot frame very carefully. And attach the straps correctly.

Leg Can Sweat Too Much

Due to not knowing the right wearing method, people get their leg sweating. And sweating will worsen the injuries, especially when you just had an operation.

To avoid sweating, always put on a sock before wearing a walking boot every time. It helps to soak the sweats and let the leg be trouble-free all time.

Feeling Pain or Ache

In major, there are two types of walking boots available nowadays. One is pneumatic, and another one is non-pneumatic. Here, pneumatic refers to the pneumatic pump.

The shoes that are with a pneumatic pump are very much convenient. If your boots come with more than one chamber, you can inflate them by rotating the knob. And keep your leg under a comfortable, pain-free covering.

In the time of removing the boot, deflate the air at first then take out your leg.

***Don’t tighten the shoes too much. And if you get itchiness, irritation or redness deflate the air chamber and use an ice pack to have comfort. But if the redness or pain does not go, do contact your physician soon and follow his/her instruction. ***

When you wear, walk a few steps and check the comfortability right after wearing.

Sleeping with a Walking Boot

Can I sleep with a walking boot? Many have this question in mind. So, the answer is yes. You can surely sleep in your walking boot.

But you need to be careful of the fact that you must keep your leg lifted. You can also use any soft pillow under the injured leg.

Ther is another thing you should not forget. Loosen the champer of the shoe. It will help by letting you move your leg freely but safely while sleeping.

Keeping the Leg Straight All time

Try to keep your leg and knee straight all time if you don’t have any urgent schedule, no need to go outside. Watch any movies or do anything you like sitting at home.

But keep your leg in the straight position meaning leg and knee straight as far as possible for fast healing.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

how to wear a walking boot with pants? If you are facing issues in wearing the pants with the shoes then, let us tell you to wear broad pants.

When you’re wearing orthotic shoes, it means you should show your legs are not covered. It is needed for healing the leg injury.

So, for that, if you want to wear boots with comfort, you must wear bootcut pants or boyfriend pants. Or, what do you wear with a walking boot? Whatever it is, it should be such that does not tighten up or fit the shoes.

Walking Styles Should be on Point

How to walk in a walking boot? Is it okay to walk in a walking boot? You must know that these medical shoes are only for comfortable walking while having foot injuries.

So, it’s yes that you can walk with your boots. But it would better not to walk for a long. It can end up worsening your leg more.

When you walk, you must keep your foot on the forward direction from heel to toe. Walk without moving the leg on the left/right side.

Instruction Following is a Must

Follow the instruction of your physician strictly. In case of walking boot using period, generally walking boot can be usable up to 6 weeks.

But this time highly depends on how the injury is.  How long the wound will take time to heal. So for this thing must follow instruction according to your doctor.

Tips for Climbing Stairs with the Surgical Boot

Oh! We can’t miss this. When you climb up or down a stair wearing the surgical boot, start with the sound, uninjured leg.  Then, step on the injured one.

You can also hold the railing of the stair and place the weak leg slowly and then the healthy leg.

Walking Boot & Shower

How do you shower with a walking boot? Of course not to shower wearing like that. You should not wet your medical boot. So to keep it dry, what you can do is wrap plastic around the boot and take a shower.

The better thing to be done is to take off the boots and keep aside in a dry place. Then, after the shower, wear it.

But make sure you have thoroughly dried out your leg. If you have a very severe injury, you can dry out by tapping towel.

Maintaining Boot is Also Crucial

You must clean your walk boot once in a week. And for washing the surgical boot never use any washing machine.

Separate the liner of the boot and wash it with a very mild detergent or soap. Dry out properly but don’t use any dryer machine also.

For the frame part of the shoe, clean it with a wet cloth. Then, wear orthopedic shoes in the right method of wearing them.


Medical shoes are very much useful for a broken feet. But you can bring out the most benefits from it only if you know the right use of it.

In concluding we can say that here the tips for wearing a walking boot we have explained are user-friendly though.

By the end of this context, you will know how to use your walking boot properly. And you will have no trouble wearing.

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