Jordan 1 Spiderman Vs Chicago- Make The Right Choice!!

Jordan 1 Spiderman Vs Chicago


Are you in a dilemma between Jordan 1 spiderman shoes and Jordan 1 Chicago shoes? Then we can ease you to choose from these too identical shoes.

Nike’s Jordan shoes are known for their high-quality product and a unique design with high-tech material. They have various shoe collections, but from all of them, Jordan 1 spiderman and Chicago receive a tremendous amount of popularity. Shoes are for comfort and style purpose things for users of this generation.

Then get ready to know these two sneakers fully with Jordan 1 spiderman VS Chicago topic from us. Check it out then.

Jordan 1 Spiderman Vs Chicago- Details Analysis

Jordan 1 Chicago came out of the market in 1985 though it is now also released in recent times, and interestingly Jordan 1 spiderman, also known as the origin story, began in 2018. But they look so identical with each other that it is hard to believe they are different.

As we all know, they both are new additions, so they must have some disparities too. Let’s just know their variations by Jordan 1 spiderman VS Chicago table and get a clear thought.

Comparison Table of Jordan 1 Spiderman Vs Chicago

Jordan 1 Spiderman

Jordan 1 Chicago


Gym-Red/Black-White-Photo Blue

White/Gym Red/Black

Upper Material


Patent leather


Classic dimensions

Retro look

Insole Material






Available From

2018 till now

1985 till now

Top Model

  1. AIR JORDAN 1 Mid (Gs)
  2. AIR JORDAN 1 Retro High Og
  1. Jordan Air 1 MID (Chicago Black Toe)
  2. Jordan Men’s Shoes Nike Air 1 Mid Chicago

Recommended Pick- Jordan 1 Spiderman

If you want us to suggest one for you, then it has to be Jordan 1 Spiderman. Because of its extraordinary performance in the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film and also for the reliability. Its high-quality material gives you a more stylish view, and its polka dots design makes it different from other Jordan shoes.

Spiderman movie fans are amazed by the collaboration of the film and this brand. It is almost identical, but it can make a different identity, and that prevails in the market choices.


Leather is the primary material of Jordan 1 Spiderman sneakers, making it more reliable than any other product. Its insole material is foam, which stands for comfort. Even laces have different colors for a stylish look.

The inspirational fact with durability

Jordan makes these sneakers by taking the inspiration of Miles Morales from his spiderman role. He has to wear it for a long time, assuming this in mind they make it with leather for more durability.

Contemporary and clean design

Jordan 1 spiderman or origin story sneakers are the identical version of Jordan 1 Chicago. But to execute it with a little more uniqueness, they create it with contemporary and clean design. It has a polka dot pattern and reflective material for additional details.

Various aesthetic features

This shoe is a combination of various aesthetic features of other Jordan 1 shoes. Their classic features can get a great design. Though features are familiar, they manage to make it unique.

Legendary Sneakers

Jordan is a legendary brand for so many years for their shoe collection. And Jordan 1 Spiderman sneakers are fulfilling their legendary effect by its comforts and moisture.


  • Moisture foot
  • Prevent foot odors
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable


  • Limited stock
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Fellow Competitor- Jordan 1 Chicago

If we talk about the popularity of the shoes, we can’t deny the name of Jordan 1 Chicago for such considerable years. Its look and materials take from high premium leather with enormous quality. Its other features are similarly impressive for further use.


Jordan 1 Chicago has ample cushioning, which is in the underfoot of the white and clean midsole. This cushioning system made it more comfortable and easy to use for tough situations. They use maximum cushioning for its user’s privileges.


The material of patent leather and different color laces is available for this sneaker. Even its insole material uses foam to make it more relaxed, and outsole material is rubber, making it easy to clean up.


Jordan 1 Chicago’s incredible design and stylish retro look make it more attractive to the users. Even spiderman, or should I say the Jordan 1 origin story shoes is the updated version of this one. Its various color combinations also bring extra style impact.


This sneaker’s leather material and water-resistant formulates better durability. Its comfort level, long-lasting, and breathability give rise to its demand for so many years.


  • Better fit
  • Durability
  • Smells nice
  • Breathability


  • Sensitive leather
Available On Amazon

What Should Be Your Pick?

Jordan 1 Spiderman and Chicago, they both have done great work for the users. They make it so hard for us by their services. But with so many advantages, they also manage to include some extra features to make it different from each other. So it will be an easy job to choose from considering those facts.

For durability, breathability, and uniqueness, the design is the main reason for choosing it for the customers and even for the spiderman fans. It has the potential to use it for the whole day without any problem. Its comfort is way better than any other shoe.

Jordan 1 Chicago is not corrupt either. It is for those people who are basketball fans and also for the street ballers. Although Jordan 1 spiderman sneaker and this one is so identical that you won’t be able to realize which one you wear until you scrutinize it.

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