Know about Indoor Cycling Shoe Types| Don’t Spin with the Wrong One!

Indoor Cycling Shoe Types


Christian Grey wanted to start his indoor cycling practices. And he must need the right spinning shoe to spin with his utmost. Alas! He got confused after seeing so much variance in the indoor cycling shoe types.

And then, his friend helped him out in this case, as his friend has been practicing for years. Finally, Christian could buy the right shoes for his indoor cycling. Every type of shoe is not perfect for all. So, he had to choose very wisely to get the correct output from his spinning.

Like Christian, if you are also confused or tangled which shoe you must use for indoor cycling then, read you must read this.

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What Are the Indoor Cycling Shoe Types?

Indoor Cycling Shoe

Indoor cycling shoes look like regular sneakers, but they have differences. These types of shoes are not explicitly called indoor cycling shoes rather only cycling shoes.

When you buy any cycling shoes, you will find different types of cycling shoes. But all types of shoes will not be suitable for indoor cycling.

After depth research and hearing from some experts, we have brought out 5 highlighting facts regarding different types of indoor cycling shoes.

And trust me, after reading this, you can be able to buy the right type of shoe for your dream riding workouts without others help.

Let’s check them out!

Shoe Material

The first thing that comes in your indoor cycling shoes is the material. You want to use this shoe for your cycling practice only, or other purpose does not matter. It would be best if you chose a good material shoe.

Most of the cycling shoes are made of synthetic stuff. Some shoes have Italian microfiber stuff as the upper, which is environment-friendly. But these tend to be pricey too. Well, some influencer personalities of modern times seem to use the suede and knit type materials for the cycling shoe.

Hey, it’s your cycling shoe. If you fail to choose fine material, your boots won’t last long.  So, look for shoes with good material in the upper.

Shoe Sole

The sole of the shoe is another crucial fact to check.  You will get shoes with Carbon sole, fiberglass sole, plastic sole,  nylon sole, or even the hybrid one, including all this stuff.

Carbon sole shoes tend to be the most lightweight and stiff. These are expensive also. The shoes with the plastic sole are too good to choose and budget-friendly. Plastic sole shoes are comfortable to use even for regular usage.

Besides, you will find some shoes with a rubbery sole. These types of cycling shoes are common and wearable for regular walking or running.

Closure System

The closure system of the shoe is another fact that we may not consider essential. But it is also vital to choose your shoes with the right closure system.

There can be the velcro strap system, the lacing system, and the ratchet system. Most people prefer to have the velcro strap type of closure system. It is light weighted and within a reasonable price. On top of that, cyclists find these type of shoes are easy and quick to wear.

However, some professionals love to use the ratchet system or the BOA system nowadays as they look so amazing. It helps the shoes to secure with the legs more tightly. A newbie may find these a little critical.

Ventilation System

If your cycling shoes don’t have a better ventilation system, your leg may go through different issues.

When you spin, your entire body sweats as well as the foot, and your foot remains wet and sweaty without the proper ventilation system in your shoes. It can end up with swelling of your feet, itching or rashes, etc.

So, breathable and shoes with a proper airflow system is a must to choose. Most cycling shoes have a proper flow of air systems. But in the case of the MTB riding or road riding, there can be differences.

Clip-in/Clip-less System

Another vital fact comes here. Clip-in type in cycling shoes is expected and essential for indoor cycling. Most cycling studios use clip-in system pedals. So, you just need the right shoes compatible with your cycling cleats.

There are mainly two types of clip-in shoes you will find.

  1. SPD shoes from
  2. Look Delta Shoes

SHIMANO SPD shoes: have two holes in the shoe sole. These types of shoes are finely compatible with the SPD cleats. Most indoor cycling studios seem to have an SPD shoe compatible exercise bike. And these types of shoes are the most popular and comfortable also.

Look Delta Shoes: have three holes in a delta shape underneath the shoe. You may need these types of shoes when you are cycling very hard and deep riding. Different cycling studios or some peloton bikes need the Look Delta shoes with three holes for easy clip-in.

Riding with the clip-in shoes offers you to push the pedal with correct strength security. If you use the clip-in shoes, you don’t need to worry about losing the firmness from the pedal. It helps your leg stick to the pedal firmly, no matter how hard you spin.

These five facts are the significant facts that make the shoes different and specific for indoor cycling. Others, the size, shape, and color can be considerable. You will find different colors with a different style of cycling shoes perfect for your spinning.

Indoor Cycling Shoe Recommendations for Various Cycling Studios & Exercise Bike

Indoor Cycling Shoe Recommendations for Various Cycling Studios & Exercise Bike

Now, check out some recommendations for indoor cycling shoes that you may need if you join some of these highly appreciating cycling classes.


Flywheel seems to recommend shoes with Look Delta cleats in it. If you’re the first time with the classes, you may have the chance to use their shoes free only for one day. But after that, you will need to own your one to join further.


SoulCycle-the name spreads the scent of frame mostly in the NY city. SoulCycle classes allow both SPD and Look Delta shoes. You just need to check your exercise bike and own one according to that.

However, SoulCycle gives you the chance to hire from their store too! You can rent them only at $3 per class if you can’t have one.

Peloton Bike

Peloton bikes need the Look Delta shoes. So you can have the peloton bike shoes or the shoes with Look Delta cleats attached to it.

Keiser Bike

Well, you can use the SPD shoes for the Keiser bikes. Other general gym shoes are also compatible with Keiser bike.

Final Verdict

Depending on the indoor cycling studios’ recommendations or your exercise bike, you must choose the right shoes for you. And it’s very crucial to choose the right one to spin & gain your target rpm.

It is crucial to have the right cycling shoe to get the best output from riding and the comfort of your body muscles.

And to use a cycling shoe for your indoor cycling practices, have clear ideas about the indoor cycling shoe types first. And we have discussed that above for you.

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