How to Wear Shoes with a Broken Toe- Wear Easily But Painlessly

how to wear shoes with a broken toe


Do you possess a broken toe? Are you frustrated about how to wear shoes with a broken toe? Don’t be upset. You will find here the best solution.

Accidents may happen in our life. But that does not mean we can not lead our regular life routine.

Wearing a shoe with a broken toe is the most painful feeling you can have.  If you have a broken toe, don’t be sad thinking that; you can’t wear shoes and go outside.

So, here we will introduce you to some ways of wearing shoes with a broken toe. So keep reading to show your broken toe a thumbs down.

Shoes for a Broken Toe

Well, wearing your regular shoes with a broken toe may be very painful. You may face a lot of trouble wearing them. So, you need shoes that have a minimum firm, sturdy sole on the outside, and are supportive enough.

There are some shoes called walking boots, post OP shoes, etc. Whether you have a broken toe or had surgery on your leg or even any injury on the ankle, you can comfortably wear these types of shoes. And you will feel no pain. Neither wearing time nor after wearing.

The shoes for a broken toe, also known as cast shoes, are highly recommended by orthopedic doctors. Whereas wearing any regular shoes with a broken toe can cause you more pain and also delay in healing.

These Cast shoes or post OP boots are generally very space-able and square in shape. You won’t feel a  pinch of pain while wearing them as they are fully open-able.

And the best part of these shoes, they are unisex in design. So, male or female both can wear these cast shoes. Moreover, you can wear them on any leg you need. With just one shoe you can wear in any leg you need to wear.

How to Wear Shoes with a Broken Toe

How to Wear Shoes with a Broken Toe

Let’s see the steps for wearing anycast shoe or post OP shoe with the broken toe.

Step-1: Open the Velcro Tape

At first, open the velcro tape of the shoes. There may be two extended straps or more than two thinner straps.

Step-2: Place Your Foot

Now, place your foot inside the shoe shape very gently and slowly.

Step-3: Attach the Straps

After you have placed your foot inside the shoe case, attach all the straps properly. Make your leg comfortable inside the shoe.

Now you can walk around with your broken toe, and you won’t feel any pain or any disturbance either.

However, after attaching the velcro tapes, if there remain any longer straps then, you can cut the remaining part. Otherwise, you may end up slipping in the middle of walking.

Benefits of Wearing Cast Shoes

Though many think why ned to use anycast shoes or tapered sole shoes, it has so many benefits that you can’t imagine. Read ahead to know how these shoes are beneficial.


The Cast shoes used for broken toe or broken leg is enough brace-able. You can easily insert your leg and fit it without causing any pain on them.

Enough Spacious

Post OP shoes are designed as such that you will find enough space to keep your leg with more comfort and flexibility. You can open the straps and place your leg without having any touch to your toe. You won’t need to compromise with your toes while in regular shoes.

So, these shoes are a great savior to people with broken toes.

Helps in Quick Healing

These specific shoes for broken toe or fractured legs, help in quick healing also. These shoes are very not tight and isolated like your regular shoes. So, it helps in fast healing your broken bones or fractured ankle.

Flexible Enough

Cast shoe for broken toe or fractured leg is flexible enough. The boot shoes come in a universal size and unisex design. You can wear any leg, left or right.

And it’s adjustable with your swollen leg. Most doctors recommend this shoe as it also helps in keeping the leg in perfect movement and perfect shape.

Larger in Length

The post OP shoes or tapered shoes are more extensive in length than the usual shoes. So, it gives you the proper space to keep your toes with more safety.

When you wear your regular shoes, your toes get trapped and remain in suppression. So, you can’t wear them for a long time when you are suffering from a broken toe.

So, these cast shoe helps a lot as it is quite more extensive in length comparing other regular shoes. Therefore, you won’t feel any pain, and your toes remain in perfect space with much comfort.

Final Words

In this article, we describe all about post OP shoes and how to wear shoes with a broken toe. This article can help you in finding your right guide to wear shoes though you have a broken toe.

Read it now and enjoy your regular life with broken toes.

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