How to Wear Neoprene Socks To Keep Your Feet Warm

How to Wear Neoprene Socks


Most of the people like to spend their leisure time hiking. For a great hiking experience, you need to choose the best socks for your feet.

Neoprene socks are one of the best socks suitable for hiking. It keeps your feet warm during the cold weather.

Hiking means walking a long way & it can be water hiking, mountain biking, or hiking through narrow lands. So, during this time, your feet can be injured.

It needs to keep your feet safe. Neoprene socks act as a safeguard for your feet. These socks also keep your feet warm in chilling weather or underwater.

So you should know how to wear neoprene socks for the best result while you are hiking. In this article, we can put light on this topic.

How To Wear Neoprene Socks

Wear Neoprene Socks

Neoprene socks are socks that can protect your feet from rocks or cold. Since it is waterproof,

you can also use it underwater. It helps to keep your feet warm during your hiking or traveling.

In this process, you first need to learn how to wear neoprene socks properly. Otherwise, it will not be helpful for the comfort of your feet.

Don’t break the socks

Neoprene socks have varieties like 3mm, 5mm, knee-high, 1mm, thin, Patagonia, etc. You should select the best one that is suitable for you.

Neoprene socks are not like the usual socks that we wear. It is thicker than the regular one & also has a thin layer of sole underneath. These socks most likely work as flat boots.

Since neoprene socks are thicker than usual, you have to be careful when you fold it. Folding it from the ankle-length can break the socks.

In this case, you need to fold it halfway. After wrapping the socks, put your feet into it & then pull up the folding part. The socks will fit tightly on your feet whenever you pull it up.

It is the easiest way to wear neoprene socks without breaking its shape.

Adjust neoprene socks to the drysuit

You can fit your socks on the drysuit to easily wear it along with your suit. We mean, you do not need to take the socks off before changing your clothes. This process makes it more accessible.

First, you have to cut off the booties that your drysuit already has. Now, take your neoprene socks & install them from the inner side of the suit.

Use glue to fix the socks & try to glue them 2 or 3 times. Otherwise, it will not set properly on the suit. You can also tape them over the glue.

Lastly, put some aqua seal solution over the installing place to make it waterproof. If you do not put an aqua seal over the tape, then the water can easily make it wet. So aqua seal is a must for this installation.

Wear Neoprene Socks With Water Shoes

Most of the people wear open-toe water shoes when they are hiking in water. It makes your feet freeze underwater & always keep your feet wet.

These open-toe water shoes can also cause injury to your feet. Sharp rocks & sands under the water can easily rub your feet. It will cause you a foot injury.

In this case, neoprene socks are the best solution for them. They will keep your feet warm into the water.

Since neoprene socks are waterproof, they will keep your feet dry. These socks will also prevent your feet from rubbing sand & rocks. Most likely, the socks will protect your feet from the injury that they can get from hiking.

Put Woolen Socks Under Neoprene Socks

We know that neoprene socks keep our feet warm at a cool place. As a result, they make your feet sweaty inside the socks.

The sweat inside the socks depends on how much air they have inside them. More air means less water absorption.

If you are walking or active, then it will keep you warm from body temperature. But if you stop or have rest, then the inside water will freeze your feet. In this situation, you need to put off your socks & let them dry.

For these reasons, most of the people prefer to put on woolen socks under neoprene socks. They will help you to keep your feet warm when you are drying up your neoprene socks.

Essential Considerations Before Using Neoprene Socks

Essential Considerations Before Using Neoprene Socks
  • Neoprene socks are mostly safe. But if you are allergic to neoprene, then you have to take precautions before wearing them.
  • These socks can release harmful hydrogen chloride into the air if they burn. So you have to be careful about it.
  • We all know that neoprene socks are waterproof. They also can resist oil & heat. It is a great advantage you can get from them.
  • These socks are sealed & glued to resist more water.
  • Neoprene socks are washable. You can hand wash them gently in warm water with antibacterial soap.
  • It can also save your other waterproof socks from damage if you put it over waterproof socks.


If you are a hiking lover, then neoprene socks are best for the protection of your feet. They keep your feet safe from stones & sands that can give injury to your feet.

These socks keep your feet warm during hiking to survive cold. If you do not know how to wear neoprene socks, then you will fail to make proper use of them.

As a result, you will not get any benefit from using these socks along with your hiking. It can cause you a bad hiking experience.

We hope, through our article, we have succeeded in enlightening you with this particular knowledge. This writing may help you to make proper use of your neoprene socks.

May our article help you to take the joy of your hiking one step ahead.

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