How to Wash Sock Darts- Make Excellent Looks

How to Wash Sock Darts


Any fabric, especially shoes, tends to cling to muds that are not visible with our eyes till the footwear seems dirty. Whether you wear a top-branded shoe or a cheap regular one, if that looks untidy, all the charms disappear right away.

Washing your shoes without spoiling them requires much more knowledge than just grab a shoe cleaner and wash them. If your washing process decreasing the longevity of your shoes then there is something wrong with the washing process you are following.

The same goes for your sock darts. Then let’s discuss in brief what these sock darts are and how to wash sock darts effectively that it will look a new pair every time you wear it after washing.

What is Sock Dart?

Sock Darts are a creation of Nike brand ongoing 2004 to present. It has been made with the particular design and materials so that the users can wear the sock darts without wearing any socks.

The substances of sock darts make it easy for this shoe to stay up to the mark of user’s satisfaction as sockless footwear. The primary four materials are:

  1. Dri-Fit
  2. Polyester
  3. Nylon
  4. Spandex

The Tools You Will Need to Wash Sock Darts

When you have already made up your mind to wash your sock darts then before starting, keep these things near your hand:

  • There should be enough supply of water
  • Dish detergent
  • Vinegar
  • Suspension Mixing Bowl
  • Stirring Stick
  • Hand Gloves
  • Paper Towel to Soak the Water
  • Tooth Paste (If needed)

How to Wash Sock Darts?

How to Wash Sock Darts

Now that you know what is a sock dart made of so let’s get to the point and acquaint with the process you should wash your sock darts:

Step1. Remove Dry Mud

Grab a medium-sized shoe cleaning brush for more detail, which has a tight grip, and the bristles will not be too hard. The target is to remove extra dirt by brushing on them. You might not want to ruin the front of them by brushing with a hard bristle brush.

Step2. Rinse with Cold or Warm Water

As you know, the matter sock darts are made of we encourage you to use cold water when washing it. You can partially use warm water if the stains are there for a long time and hard to remove.

Pour water all over it make sure all parts of it gets wet. Do it three or four times more till you are confident. The process needs to complete correctly to get the washing process easier in further steps.

Step3. Apply a Cleaner

Here you can apply a mild shoe cleaner from the stores, or you can create your compound to avoid extra chemicals and a more toxic-free environment. For a handmade mixture, you should take:

  • Warm water
  • White vinegar ( ½ of warm water)
  • A few drops of liquid dishwasher or detergent
  • Stir them until they are all mixed up together

Now you are ready to apply your solution in your sock darts with a small brush. Rub the stains and other parts equally that seems dirty.

For glowing extra white, you can use toothpaste with a brush after finished cleaning with the solution. Wash with fresh water each time to let go of the previous dirt and foams from soap.

Step4. Get Rid of Extra Dampness

When you have completed all the cleaning processes now, it’s time to drying it. But before that, you need to get rid of all the extra water it is holding. You can squeeze with your hand or hang it for a while, but before leaving it to dry, there shouldn’t be any water left.

Step5. Let It Dry

About this process, people usually think drying under sun rays is beneficial for shoes. But in this case, sock darts are more durable when the water inside it absorbed by room temperature.

Things to Avoid

  • Though bleach is a reliable cleaning material, still this one shouldn’t use while washing sock
  • It’s better not to depend on a washing machine or dry clean to wash sock
  • In the case of using hot water, it may ruin the color and fabric of the sock
  • Don’t wash your shoes very often, or don’t rush every time it needs. Maintain a proper gap between cleaning again after a wash

Last Words

After you wash one of the pairs following this method and compare the other shoe with it, you will know the differences. You will realize how much a wash like this can change your shoe’s look.

A little care towards your every day’s companion can turn you more confident and attractive ever. As you already know, little take care of things makes it last longer, and knowing how to wash sock darts is your part of caring for your footwear.

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