How To Wash Adidas Alphabounce- Some Easy Tricks

How To Wash Adidas Alphabounce


Adidas AlphaBounce is a decent choice to running and casual walking. It’s a neutral running or sport running shoe. Solidly, people are liking it most for it’s comfort ness and nice get up.

After using the AlphaBounce you need to wash your shoe for a fresh look and to safe from damage.

But what do you do? When your shoes are being so dirty?  Don’t worry! Many people want to know how to wash their Adidas AlphaBounce.

How To Wash Adidas AlphaBounce Without Any Damaging

How To Wash Adidas Alphabounce

We all want to have a neat and clean outlook always. We want people they can’t talk about ourselves behind our backs. A proper perspective means all the fashion till your head to foot. A well-cleaned shoe is including in this fashion.

Every time you can’t afford a new shoe. That’s why you need to clean your footwear.

Or sometimes the smell of the shoe is irritating for others. Then we must wash our boots. To remove the smell, we need it to soak.

Here we add some tricks for you to make it easy to clean your alpha bounce shoes. In this article, you can know how to clean alpha bounce without any damaging problems.

Trick 1: With toothpaste

You can use toothpaste to clean your shoe. You need toothpaste and a brush to clean your footwear. You need to follow some steps to wash your footwear with toothpaste.

Some toothpaste is harmful to alpha bounce.

We give those steps below:

1. Remove garbage from your shoe. Remove extra dry dirt from the pump. And soles

2. Secondly, take some white non-gel toothpaste to clean the shoes.

 3. Take the toothpaste on a brush. And put it on your shoe and start rubbing.

4. Rub the brush on your shoe. Stay it on your footwear for 20 minutes.

5. Take a smooth towel and clean the paste on your shoes.

6. Remove laces and insoles inside a pillowcase. Then run them through a washing machine set to warm/ delicate with laundry detergent.

Trick 2: With detergent

You can also use detergent for cleaning your alphabounce.

Before applying the detergent water, you must remove the mud and grass from your shoe. And also remove the laces for a proper wash.

  1. Then take some warm water into a dish.
  2. Mix some detergent into the warm water. Now apply the shop water on your shoe. Stay it on your footwear for 20 minutes. Rub gently on the dirty part of the shoe.
  3. Then take a smooth, clean, dry towel or cloth to remove the shop water from the shoes. Clean gently with the towel.
  4. Finally, wash your shoe’s laces. Remove the laces and take it into a dish with detergent water.

Let it wet for some time. Then clean it. And give one night to dry.

Trick 3: With dish cleaner

Dish cleaner also used for cleaning the AlphaBounce. It is more useful.

For this, you need a spray bottle, dish cleaner and water.

1.1st remove garbage from shoes. To remove the trash banging your shoe soles together.

2. Then take a spray bottle—Mix ¼%  dish cleaner liquid and ¾ % water in it. Mix them well. Then spray the cleaner on your alphabounce.

3. Then clean the laces. Remove the laces and wet them for 1hr in a dish with some soap water.

Then wash it out, stay it for drying.

4. Stay the cleaner for 20 minutes. Then use a smooth towel to remove the water from the shoe.

5. After washing the shoe, rinse the laces of the shoe.

Trick 4: Use a shoe cleaner kit

You can use the shoe, cleaner kids to clean your shoes.

You will find the Kit easily by payment.

In a kit, you can get two brushes, one liquid solution.

  1. At first, remove dry dirt from your shoe by banging or by using the Kit’s brush.
  2. Then take a warm water dish and mix some liquid solution on it, and get wetting your brush then take some liquid solution on the brush. And apply to your shoe.
  3. Rub your shoe’s surface by the brush. Then remove the water by using a clean and dry towel or cloth.

You can also wash your shoe in the washing machine. Then you should put the shoe with some clothes. But we suggest you not to wash you Adidas AlphaBounce in washing machine, because washing machine damage your AlphaBounce’s.

All about that, we are trying to give you all kinds of information, then in this article may have been some that were lacking in our research.

The Last Word

At the end of this article, we can say that you may be helpful for this information.

We try to present the easiest ways to wash Adidas alphabounce. And most try to give information that can’t hamper your favourite shoe. We care about you, so trying our best to provide information to you.

We think those who visit that page to know how to wash Adidas alphabounce, they can get their answer well.

Thank you for reading our article. I hope this article benefits you.

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