Learn Quickly: How to Tie Allen Edmonds Shoes

how to tie Allen Edmonds shoes


Need to attend an important business meeting? But don’t know how to tie Allen Edmonds shoes? We can assist you in lacing and tying them easily.

Allen Edmonds shoes are perfect for any occasion, business meeting, or with any formal suits.

But these don’t look perfect with regular sneakers or canvas shoe lacing. To maintain its classy formal look, you need to learn and know about dree shoes lacing and how to tie also.

Well, in our article you can find all about dress shoes lacing and wearing. And you will also get to know how to bring out the best formal look with the Allen Edmond shoes.

How to Lace Allen Edmonds Shoes

How to Lace Allen Edmonds Shoes

If you don’t know how to lace the Allen Edmonds shoes, then wearing them will give no impression either. Though there are many ways to lace and tie dress shoes, Allen Edmonds has the fame of offering a great outlook in bar line lacing.

So, you must know the method of lacing Allen Edmonds shoes before you wear and tie.

Here, we are going to show you a very easy technique that you can try yourself very quickly. And it will take not more than 2 minutes.

So, let’s see the tricks to lace it first.

Step-1: Insert the Shoelace in the First Eyelet Hole

Most of the dress shoes come with 5 or 6 eyelet holes on it. Now insert the shoelace in the very first eyelet hole. Insert them over the holes and bring out the ends from inside.

Remember a tip here: If you find your shoes with an odd number of eyelet holes like five holes, then keep your one end of the shoelace a little larger than the other end.

But if your shoes have an even number of eyelet holes like six holes then, keep both the end of the shoelace equal.

Step-2: Insert One End in Any Second Hole and bring out from Inside

Now, the lacing method starts. Read this step carefully. And then you can easily do rest.

Start with the longer end if they are unequal. Insert one end in the second hole of any one side and bring out the lace from inside.

Step-3: Put That Lace Across Otherside & Insert into the Second Hole

Now, bring that end of the lace across the other side and insert it into the second hole of the other side. Bring out that lace from inside the hole of the other line.

You will find here two bar of lace created.

Step-4: Insert That Same Lace in Another Hole of the Same Side

Insert that same lace end in another eyelet hole of the same side. But here comes the twist. This time insert in the fourth eyelet hole. That means you have to insert the lace on the same side but skipping one hole.

Step-5: Bring That Lace Across the Otherside

Bring that lace across the other side. Insert it over the same bar line eyelet hole that means the fourth hole. Bring the end from inside.

Step-6: Bring out the Lace End from Inside

Bring out the lace end from inside the fourth hole and bring it across the other line. Insert it from inside the eyelet hole of the other side that means the fifth hole.

Step-7: Start with the Second Lace

Now, start with the second lace. Insert it from under the same side of the remaining eyelet hole that is the third eyelet. Bring it out from inside.

Step-8: Bring across the Otherside

Bring this lace end across the other side of the same bar line. It means to insert it over the third eyelet hole of the other line. Bring the lace end from inside this hole.

Step-9: Insert in the last Eyelet Hole

Well, if your shoes have five eyelet holes, then the last hole remains. Insert the lace from inside the last hole and bring it out.

Now, you will see the classy, bar lacing has been done. And it’s not very tough indeed. However, if your shoelaces are still unequal in length, don’t worry. You can fix it by loosening from the bar lines and tighten it again by pulling any side.

Look at the image below to have a quick view of the pattern of lacing this bar lace look. So, if your shoe comes with any number of eyelet holes, you can easily lace it and tie it.

How to Tie Allen Edmonds Shoes

How to Tie Allen Edmonds Shoes

After you lace it, make any knot to tie the shoes. Let’s show you two types of knots. One the surgeon knot that is much tight and other the common bow knot.

Tie with a Surgeon Knot

To tie in surgeon knot, follow these steps serially.

  • Make a regular knot, neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Take on the end and make a loop.
  • Take the other end and wrap once around the first created loop.
  • Pinch the second loop inside the first loop and create another loop coming after wrapping the first loop.
  • Don’t pull now. Take the second loop and pinch it inside that knot again.
  • Then, pull these two loops slightly.

Your elegant looking surgeon knot is done.

Tie with a Bow Knot

Let’s see the steps for the most common bow knot.

  • Start with the general knot.
  • Take two ends and create a loop with the two lace ends. Don’t make large loops.
  • Now tie a regular knot with these two loops.
  • You can balance the lace ends by pulling the ends slightly.

So, you are done with tying your Allen Edmonds formal shoes.

Final Words

Almost all men don’t have the same width and shape of the feet. When men need shoes to wear for a longer period, they need something very comfortable and flexible type.

Allen Edmond shoes are one of them. Allen Edmonds shoes are American branded formal shoes. Thse formal shoes come in a variety of sizes, widths, and shapes.

But you also must know how to tie Allen Edmonds shoes if you want to bring out the best outlook with them.

In this article, we describe the steps for lacing these dress shoes and tying them. All the steps are very briefly and clearly explained. So, you can easily understand and tie your formal shoes by yourself.

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