How to Protect Flyknit Shoes- A Step By Step Tutorial

How to Protect Flyknit Shoes


We are breathing in a culture that relentlessly blitzes our minds with encouragement to buy and gather various kinds of stuff, time after time.

When it comes to shoes, no matter how packed our shoe racks are, we want to try the new and the best one. Among the most stylish and eminent shoes, flyknit shoes are always people’s centre of choice.

Flyknit shoes are a new technology. It is engineered for long-distance joggers, racers, for maximum sustainability and lowest waste.

But usually, we have natural worry about how we will protect this elegant shoe. To save from this anxiety, we are here to provide you the vital strides of how to protect flyknit shoes. 

How to Protect Flyknit Shoes

How to Protect Flyknit Shoes

As it is very delicate and inclined to damage, we need to take good care of this shoe. We have compiled several steps for a clear understanding of the complete course.

Step 1: Taking care of the first buy

Yes, it is the first and most essential part of how to protect flyknit shoes.  It is crucial to taking care of flyknit shoes with the proper method.

If we start from the day we buy the products, we can manage from the damage of the fragile wreck. Because of the fragile wreck, there may create severe havoc in the shoe. And for more comfortable of your thoughts, there is always instructed of the shoebox.

Step 2: Retaining the shoes in the right place

Do not rest them in jam-packed shoe self, though it will create that much harm. Still, from the little care of your favourite staff will, you will see the difference after a few years later.

Give a notice of the placing of your shoes, whether they are in a wet place or not. You can apply a good shoe-spray which will protect the shoe from dirt and rain.

Step 3: Cleaning with patience

Cleaning your flyknit shoes is a vital part of protecting flyknit shoes, where you need a little bit of perseverance and attitude. But we can do this while listening to music or watching our favourite shows. So start to relax, no need to take extra pressure.

Tools for cleaning–

For this excellent and exciting task, here is some tools suggestion enlisted-

  • Lukewarm water
  • A small bowl
  • Mild soap, we prefer body soft body wash, or sneaker cleaner. But we do not recommend detergent. Yes, if it is a diluted detergent, then it’s ok to use.
  • A soft brush, it may be a shoe cleaning brush or your old toothbrush.
  • You need two to four washing clothes. It must be soft. Do not take any linen, polyester, or silk material based clothe for rubbing of the shoe.

Few Steps To Follow

First of all, we need to remove the lace from the shoe. We will clean it up later on.

The next task is diluting the soap into the lukewarm water. Please, recheck the water. Water should not be so warm or too cold. The temperature of the water is critical in shoe cleaning matters.

After finishing the dilution of the soap, take the cloth and keep it in the soap water. When the fabric is fully foamed, then rub the spotted area gradually. If there are lots of spots, do not try to erase those altogether. Just go steadily, increase the pressure little by little.

For the worst soiled are of the shoe, you will take another cloth. Because using the same material may ruin the colour of the whole shoe.  For the removal of the worst soiled are, put firm and tender pressure. In this part, a special caution needs for not roughening or hitching the staff.

Here repetition is needed until the sneakers are soil-free and dirt-free. Then we need to wash the cloth in clean water and go again over the whole shoe several times to remove all the mud and dirt.

Step 4:  Consuming of brush for hard spot

After that, take the brush for the intensely spotted area. Sink the brush into the diluted soapy water, then pull the brush upward and backward for removing the spot, but do not create hard pressure.

One thing you must be aware that you are using a soft brush. Otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain!

As soon as you finish your cleaning task, rub the shoes with a clean, dry cloth, and let them dry in air. Please do not put them under the strong sunlight.

After drying, your shoe is ready to wear. I am sure; you will be amazed when you will see your flyknit shoes are sparkling like the new one.

Step 5: Sorting of your laces

The very tiny but important task left after cleaning your shoe. Your shoe is sparkling but does not look still good. Yes, for the uncleaned laces!

Soak your laces into the diluted soapy water, rub them with your hand, and put a gentle pressure. Drying them in sunlight will create no problem.

Essential tips to follow:

  • We do not prefer washing mashing for cleaning. Your manual labor can give your shoe a better look.
  • Do not keep your shoes in the shoebox. Because keeping it in the congested place for a long time will damp it. And it will get stinky. So please place them in a place where air can pass.
  • Keep insect kit. It will save your shoe from the insect-attack.


On the one hand, need and style are essential; on the other hand, protecting those pleasant staff is also necessary. If you cannot take care of your things, all your fashion and needs will be undervalued. That is why we set for you this most required article on how to protect flyknit shoes. 

People always find the best for them. Picking up the best quality product is still fanciful for us. In this nature, nurturing our staff by our self-care always puts us one-grade advance. So, let’s do with excellent spirit.

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