How To Make Shoes Slippery For Shuffling- Know 3 Easy Methods

how to make shoes slippery for shuffling


Want to know the tricks on how to make shoes slippery for shuffling? Then, read it to do it yourself with minimal kinds of stuff.

Generally, we see people speaking about how to make shoes less slippery. But here we are talking about making them slippery. Yes, you read it right. We will discuss making the shoes slippery for shuffle dance or any feet dance.

You will find here three easy and simple methods to turn your regular shoes into the shuffle shoes. Without increasing any more words, let’s know what the ways are.

How to Make Shoes Slippery for Shuffling

How To Make Shoes Slippery For Shuffling

So, we have three effortless ways to make shoes slippery enough for shuffle dance. Each method is much easy, and you can try them at your home with very affordable ingredients.

Let’s make you known to the ways.

Method-1: Oiling Your Shoe Sole

Among the three ways, the one that is the most convenient is oiling your shoe sole. You can try this method with available ingredients at home. For this method, you will need

  • Any synthetic oil or olive oil
  • Sandpaper
  • Paper towel

Go for the steps.

Step-1: Rub the Shoe Sole with Sandpaper

Take the sandpaper and rub with the sandpaper on the outer sole of the shoe one by one. Continue rubbing from the toe area to all over the sole.

Rubbing with sandpaper will remove the frictional material from the shoe sole and help to make the sole smoother.

Step-2: Pour Some Oil onto Paper Towel

Now take any synthetic oil or olive oil if possible. Olive oil would work in a much better way. Pour some oil on a paper towel.

Step-3: Rub the Oily Towel over the Sole

Now, rub this oily towel over the sole of the shoes. Repeat the same with both shoes. Then, leave the shoes for some time to soak some oil.

Step-4: Wipe off Excess Oil

After a few minutes, wipe off the excess oil from the shoe sole. You can use any dry paper towel.

And now find your shoes a bit more slippery to practice your shuffling.

Method -2: Using Gaffer Tape

You can also make your shoes slippery by using any gaffer tape. Some people have found it useful indeed.

If you don’t know what a gaffer tape then be known that gaffer tape is one kind of tape of heavy cotton clothing material and sturdy adhesive stuff. This type of tape is prevalent in stage performance type works, film, photography, etc.

To try this trick, you will need

  • gaffer tape and
  • a scissor to cut according to your shoe size

Now, see how you can use the gaffer tape.

 Step-1: Put Gaffer Tape on the Shoe Sole

Open the gaffer tape little by little and put it on the shoe sole. Apply gradually, all over the sole area.

Step-2: Cut the Tape When Finish

After attaching the tape, when you are on the finishing edge of the shoe sole, cut the tape with the scissor.

And use your regular shoe for shuffling. With the gaffer tape, sometimes it becomes difficult to cover all the areas of the shoe. But still, it works fine.

Method -3: Using a Suede DIY Kit

Well, if you want something very professional, then try this trick.

For this method, you will have to buy a suede DIY kit from any brand. There are some brands available that sell Suede Dance shoe sole both cut and uncut. So, you can buy any one of them and use it on your sole.

If you buy the uncut one, then read on to know the usage.

Step-1: Place Your Shoe on the Seude Paper

Place the Shoe on the sole suede paper. Take a marker and mark your shoe size.

Step-2: Cut the Suede Sheet According to the Marked Line

Now, take a scissor and very carefully cut the sole suede sheet according to the marked line.

Step-3: Attach the Suede Paper

The suede paper sheet comes with an adhesive tape to attach with the shoe sole. Take out the tape gradually, not the full at a time. Take out some portion and attach it on your shoe sole.

Repeat this and attach the fully cut suede kit on the sole of the shoe. Don’t make a hassle; otherwise, you may end up misplacing the tape. Use it for any shuffling and enjoy friction-free moves.

However, if you buy the readymade suede sole, then you don’t need to cut only open the tape and attach it. People also call it low-friction soles ideal for any shuffle dance or hip hop feet dances.

Shuffling Shoes

When you are crazy about shuffle dance or any heel-toe dancing, you can buy any shuffle dance shoes or light up shoes. Several brands are selling best shoes for gliding or different hip hop dance shoes. Most of them are perfect for any shuffling attempts.

But if you don’t want to take the trouble of buying any dance shoes, then you can follow any of the methods mentioned above for making your shoe low-friction.

Final Verdict

Shuffling is sometimes a passion for some. Again some need to do shuffle as a professional shuffle dancer. But all the time it can’t be possible to buy the shuffle shoes.

So, in this article, we discuss three straightforward methods on how to make shoes slippery for shuffling. Read this writing to be introduced to these super easy methods. Try your shuffling without resistance anymore.

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