How To Clip in SPD Shoes? Learn Quick & Easy Method

how to clip in SPD shoes


When William Doe started his first indoor cycling, he was very much enthusiastic and excited, though. He managed all the essentials for indoor training to reach his fitness peak. But all his excitement gone underwater when he realized that he does not know how to clip in SPD shoes.

This incident may occur with you too! Or have you already gone through this situation? Well, whatever it is. Have no tension at all.

We have researched for quite a long period these cycling cleats and cycling shoes. And then, we found the most proper guideline.

In this writing, you know about SPD shoes, the clipping method, and the benefits of using them.

Why delay then? Read this now!

SPD Cycling Shoes

SPD(Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) is the most famous and well-branded name from Shimano, in the world of cycling for both indoor and outdoor. The shoes you can clip in the SPD pedals are SPD shoes.

So, if you have the SPD bike pedal, you will need shoes that are compatible with those pedals. The design of the SPD cycling shoes is such that you can wear them for general walking also. Before jumping on the clip-in method, let’s know how these shoes look.

Shimano shoes use the technology of having two bolts of cleat beneath the outer sole of the shoe. Unlike Delta shoes, these shoes are perfect for mountain riding or indoor cycling practice.

However, some prefer these SPD shoes for its sleek design and usability outside of spinning.

How to Clip in SPD Shoes?

How to Clip in SPD Shoes

Here comes the original task-clipping method. Read on below. These following steps are the best and secure method to clip in SPD shoes on your bike pedals.

Step-1: Jump on Your Bike

To clip in the shoes, jump on your bike. Don’t try to pedal. Just stand holding the handlebar.

Step-2: Lift Your Leading Leg

Now, start to clip in with one. Lift your leading leg and lightly place it on the pedal.

Step-3: Slide Your Feet with the Pedal

Slide your feet with the pedal and make the pedal flat to feet. Make sure you don’t put pressure while sliding on the bike pedal.

Step-4: Push with the Ankle

Now quickly push on the pedal with your ankle. You will hear the sound of clicking. It indicates you have clipped in the shoes.

In this step, be a little careful. You are riding outside, and on top of that,  you are a beginner. Then, hold a wall or tree with one hand to keep the balance of the bike. Otherwise, you may have to face an embarrassing situation if you can’t balance.

Step-5: Clip in the Second One

When you clip in one pedal, push a little gear to raise the other side pedal.

In this step, your bike will get a little gear to go. So, be careful while you are clipping.

How to Clip out SPD Shoes?

How to Clip out SPD Shoes

If you know the clip-in method, you can easily clip-out also. But if not or you’re confused with the process then, have a look at the clip-out process also. It’s easier than clip-in.

Step-1: Make Your Pedaling Slower

When you decide to clip-out, at first make your riding speed slower.

Step-2: Twist Your Ankle

Twist your ankle on the outer side of the bike. Twist it with your ankle only. And your shoes will come out of the pedal in no time.

Notes- While taking out the shoes from bike pedals, never use any screwdriver or any other tool to clip-out shoes. Follow the method given here and clip-out easily.

Some Tips to Follow When Clip-In/Out SPD Shoes

Some Tips to Follow When Clip-In/Out SPD Shoes

Let’s share some tips with you. Have a glance over them. So that when you clip-in or out the shoes, you can do it like a pro. And these tips are applicable for not only SPD shoes but all other bike shoes.

  • In outdoor cycling, always try to clip-in with the leading leg. If you don’t know which one is your leading leg, then there is also a way to find it. Think about the leg by which you start the gear.

Or, tell someone to push you. Then find out which leg moves at first. That one is your leading leg.

  • If it is your very first outdoor cycling with SPD shoes then, choose a place where there will be no traffic or less stoppage. It will help to prevent any sudden clip-out issues.
  • While clipping in SPD shoes on MTB bike or road bike, touch against a tree or wall to have the balance. (for the very first clipping)
  • Be ready for clip-in the other leg right after clipping one leg.
  • Check your shoes by pedaling backward. Check if the shoes are correctly attached or not.
  • The last tip is practice and practice until you get confidence, and it gets clear like water for you.

What Are the Specialties about SPD Shoes?

If you need shoes for road biking, then SPD shoes are the perfect ones. The design is authentic with stuffy soles.  It is compatible with any mountain bike, road bike, or any exercise spin bike.

Any cycling shoes help to provide more potential in pedaling. And the best benefit of using SPD shoe is-you can use it as regular walking shoes also. It won’t slip or make any knocking sound.


Hopefully, this article helps you to have an idea about the SPD compatible cycling shoes and how to clip in SPD Shoes. By reading it, you also know about the benefit of Shimano shoes.

So, don’t overthink. Read it now to know and make your cycling exercise trouble-free ever!

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