How to Clean White Volleyball Shoes? 3 Easy Ways You Must Try

How to Clean White Volleyball Shoes


Are your favorite white volleyball shoes got discolored by dirt? Don’t get upset. Read this article to know the easiest and effective methods to clean.

White volleyball shoes give a classy look when you wear them. And it’s quite natural that white things will get dirty fast. But you don’t need to be frustrated looking at your shoes as we have the best methods to clean.

In this writing, we will show you three super easy ways on how to clean white volleyball shoes. And you can try the methods with the stuff available at your house.

How to Clean White Volleyball Shoes

How to Clean White Volleyball Shoes

White things seem not to be easily cleaned if they once got stain. But here you can find three practical ways on how to clean white volleyball shoes.

Whether your shoes are sneakers or canvas or even pure leather, you can try any of these ways with the affordable elements around you.

Let’s know the ways!

Cleaning Method-1: With Any Detergent

Our first and most affordable method is to clean with any detergent available in your house. To clean using the detergent what you need are

  • Any detergent powder or liquid detergent
  • Water
  • Any brush or toothbrush

Now follow the steps below to clean your shoes with detergent.

Step-1: Mix the Detergent with Water

At first, take your detergent powder or liquid soap and mix it properly with water. Stir well to make a good amount of foamy mixture.

Step-2: Rub on the Shoes with Detergent Water

Now, take the brush and dive it into the detergent mixture. Then, rub on your shoes with the brush. Here, you can also use any old toothbrush in case you don’t find any brush to rub.

Step-3: Keep Rubbing

Keep rubbing with the brush. You will see the dirt and stains coming out gradually.

Step-4: Wash Off & Let It Dry

After wiping out all the specks of dirt, wash off with clean water, and let the shoes dry for at least 24 hours.

With this method, you can clean your white volleyball shoes and make them look new again.

Cleaning Method-2: With Any White Toothpaste

Well, if your shoes have a very hard stain to clean, then you can try this method. It is much effective for white shoes.

Here, you will need

  • Any toothpaste ( white one would be better)
  • A toothbrush or any brushHJr

Let’s start with steps for cleaning with toothpaste.

Step-1: Apply Toothpaste on the Shoes

Take your toothpaste and apply toothpaste to your shoes. Don’t spare any area left. Apply all over the shoes.

Step-2: Keep It for  Some Hours

Now after applying the paste, keep the shoes to get dried for a minimum of six hours.

Step-3: Scrub with the Brush

When the toothpaste got dried on the shoes, take any brush or a toothbrush and scrub to take out the stains or remaining dried paste.

Step-4: Rinse with Water & Wipe off

Now, rinse the shoes with water. Then, wipe off the shoes with a clean towel. After that, let the shoes dry for at least 24 hours.

Any toothpaste works in a great way to clean any white sole of the shoes. The method is much effective in removing the hard stain from shoes.

Cleaning Method-3: With Baking Soda Solution

If you have not cleaned your shoes for more than a week and the stains look harder to remove then, you can try this method. To make the mixture, you will need

  • Four tablespoons of baking soda
  • Two tablespoons of hot water
  • Two tablespoons of white vinegar
  • Brush for rubbing

Let’s see the steps to clean

Step-1: Make the Mixture

Take all the ingredients into a container and make the mixture well. Stir the mixture properly to mix well.

Step-2: Rub the Mixture on Shoes

Now, take a brush or any toothbrush and dip it in the mixture. Then, rub on the shoes with the brush. Keep rubbing gently at least on every part of the shoe. Repeat it at least for 10 minutes.

Step-3: Rinse with Cold Water

After rubbing, when you see the dirt coming off, rinse the shoes with cold water.

Step-4: Let It Dry

Then, keep the shoes in the sun t and let it dry for at least one day.


If your shoes are of full leather then, don’t let the mixture let on your shoes for too long time. This vinegar and baking soda solution can make the threads of your shoes worsen sometimes.

Best Method to Try

For cleaning white shoes, method-2 is the best among the three methods. But if your shoes have both leather and rubber sole then, you can try the method of detergent on the leather part. And the toothpaste method on the rubber sole.

This technique will work more effectively, and you will find your shoes clean like newly bought.

However, if your shoes are of full leather then, you can wash them with the help of any washing machine and easily clean them.

Remember While Cleaning

Well, before you go to clean your white volleyball shoes, remember some things for more beneficial.

  • If possible, always take out the shoelaces from the shoes and wash them separately. Otherwise, they might not be cleaned properly.
  • Try to take out the insoles of the shoes if it is possible to remove them.
  • Always remove the excess dirt or mud with a dry towel, or you can use any roller also before attempting any of these methods. Otherwise, the dry dirt over the shoes will make the shoes dirtier.
  • Make sure you remove excess water with any dry towel right after washing with water and after that let it dry.

Final Words

So, we have shown three best and effective methods on how to clean white volleyball shoes at home easily. All the ways mentioned here are the best and risk-free to try.

Why wasting time, when we have the best solution for cleaning your beloved white shoes. Read it now and clean by yourself easily.

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