How to Clean Rod Laver Shoes- 7 Simple Steps To Make Your Journey Easy

How to Clean Rod Laver Shoes


Rod laver is one of the most popular versions of Adidas. The people wear rod laver shoes they love it for its clean look.

These shoes have air mesh upper with eyestay made of synthetic leather and heel patch. It has a suede toe guard and synthetic lining. The appearance of the rod laver is very stylish and classic.

The air mash attracts dirt and virtually absorbs any substances that come in contact. People wear Adidas Rod Laver shoes want to keep it clean. To stay clean and durable, they should know how to clean rod laver shoes.

This article will help you out to keep clean and newer your Adidas Rod Laver shoes.

What Should Avoid?

Putting your Rod Laver in the washing machine should avoid.

  • The washing machine will affect the structure of the shoes.
  • It will ruin the suede of the toe guard.
  • The synthetic lining becomes less durable because of washing in a machine with water.

So it is best to give it a hand wash. It will extend the life of your Rod Laver shoes.

How to Clean Rod Laver Shoes- Step By Step

How to Clean Rod Laver Shoes

Cleaning Adidas Rod Laver is not very hard. In some simple steps, Rod Laver shoes can be clean. Rod laver has air mesh and suede toe guard, which have to clean very carefully. Water can ruin the Suede toe guard.

Step 1: Takeout the Shoes Lace First & Clean Them

At first, take off the shoe and wash the lace with mild soap and water. Gently rub the lace and clean it. Let it dry in the air.

Step 2: Put Cloth or Paper Towel Inside before Start Cleaning

Before start cleaning the shoes, put microfiber cloth or paper towel or crumples paper inside the shoe so that it could keep the proper shape of the shoe. And it makes it easy to clean the surface. The microfiber cloth or paper towel will soak the excess moisture leaks in during cleaning.

Step 3: Cleaning the Mesh

1. Brush the Excess Dirt

After takeoff, the lace of the shoes brushes the mesh with a soft bristle brush to remove the excess dirt.  Use simple motion to remove the dirt and create mild pressure when cleaning.

2.Create a Clearing Solution

A. Backing Soda and Vinegar Paste

If the mesh is white, then you can use baking soda for washing. Take baking soda and vinegar and mix it well and make a paste.

If the mesh of the shoe is not white and colourful, you should avoid backing soda. It will fade the colour of your shoe.

B. Mild detergent And Water Light Solution

Mix a mild detergent with hot water in a bowl. The consistency of the solution must be light but overly sticky. Apply the solution on the mesh with a brush and scrub gently.   Bleaching agents should avoid this can harm certain materials.

3.Wash the Shoe

A. Backing Soda and Vinegar Paste

Let the paste sit in the mash on the dirty spot for 15 minutes. Gently scrub with a toothbrush or a soft bristle brush for one or two minutes. Use a soft cloth to wipes the excess paste.

B. Mild detergent Solution

Apply the detergent solution with a soft cloth on the shoe gently in a circular motion. Use another bowl of warm water to rinse the fabric periodically, not to spread the stain.

4. Remove the Detergent

It is essential to remove the excess cleaning solution from the surface of the shoe. Use a second soft cloth to wipe the excess detergent. Avoid direct dunking the shoe directly in the water. It will affect the shape of the shoe.

Step 4: Cleaning the Synthetic Leather Eyestay

Soak a soft cloth in the cleaning solution apply on the leather. Then scrub with a brush gently for a minute or two.

If the lather is white, then you can use a cleaning pad made of melamine foam. By using this cleaning pad, you can avoid rubbing of any colour on the white leather. Wet the pad with cleansing solution and wipe the dirt.

Step 5: Clean the Midsoles

Clean the midsole with a brush and cleaning solution. Scrub the midsole little strong then the mesh. After cleaning, remove the soap with a wet rag.

Step 6: Allow the Shoes to Dry In the Air

After cleaning, allow the shoes to dry in the air overnight.  Don’t let it dry in direct sunlight or heat. It will harm the materials.

Step 7: Cleaning the Suede Toe Guard

1. Brush the Suede

Brush the suede with a soft bristle brush. Brush very gently towards the direction of the fibre.  Avoid moving the brush backward and forth over the surface. Use a dry brush and make sure the shoes are completely dry. Because a little bit of moisture can leave a stain on the suede guard.

2. Remove the Stain with the Help of an Eraser

After brushing the suede, you can use a suede eraser to remove the stubborn stain. Gently rub the eraser on the stain of water oil or grease. If a suede eraser is not available, you can use a pencil eraser to remove stains. If the stains don’t remove gently, then apply a bit pressure.

3. Use a Clean Bath Towel to Rub the Surface

After removing the excess dirt, use a bath towel to remove the unseen dirt and dust.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I wash my Adidas rod laver shoes in the washing machine?

Washing your rod laver shoes in the washing machine will ruin the suede guard of the shoes.

If there is no soft bristle shoe brush, what can I do?

If there is no soft bristle shoe brush in the house, you can use a soft-bristle toothbrush.

Is there any problem with drying rod laver shoes in direct sunlight?

Yes, Direct sunlight can damage the mesh of your rod laver shoes.

Final Words

For continued use of rod laver shoes, it should keep clean. Conventional methods of cleaning shoes can ruin your rod laver shoes. Cleaning in a washing machine will destroy the suede toe guard of the shoes. To keep your rod laver shoes new and clean, you have to know the method of how to clean rod laver shoes.

This article will help you to keep clean and use your rod lavers for a long time.

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