How To Clean Jordan 11 at Home? DIY Tips with 4 Easy Methods

How to Clean Jordan 11


So you are the lucky owner of the best Jordan shoes and looking for some diy on how to clean Jordan 11 at home? 

I still remember how I would choose to leave my white sneakers getting yellowish stained because of laziness and making it harder to clean that stain later. I used to get it done with mother’s tiding recipes, which was effective, indeed.

With the time being and advances around, things are being smart and easy. So, we get to know so many tips and ways. However, we explain here all the possible ways for cleaning Jordan 11, no matter what is the reason for stain or color fading. Also, we’ll add up the tips and tricks like your mother or grandma might have ignited.

How to Clean Jordan 11 Sneakers- All in One Guideline

As there are so many ways, then what is the best way to clean Jordans? We’ll cover here all the possible but practical ways one by one. Stay tuned.

Before You Go: Dry Cleaning of Air Jordan Sneakers

Let’s start with the necessary clean up that you must go through at first. Bang the outer soles of the shoes with each other so that any excessive dust will dropout. It does not need to remind us; all will do this for sure. Still, we thought of adding this step as a part of the complete cleaning process.

However, if you wish can use any scrubber brush and brush away the upper dust. Then, your next step is to take out the laces of your Jordan 11 concord. Without the laces, you can take out the dirt hiding every nook and corner.

This was the basic cleaning before you go for any method. Now, let’s see the methods.

How To Clean Air Jordan 11 With Household Products

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Don’t you want to cost for cleaning your favorite Nike sneakers? Want to clean with what is available at home? We have the solution for this. Let’s start the steps for cleaning Nike Jordan 11 with household products.

Things You Will Need

  • Soft scrub brush/toothbrush
  • Warm water
  • Liquid Detergent

Step-1: Make a Solution of  Detergent & Warm Water

Take some warm water in a bowl and put some drops of liquid detergent. Mix well and make a good cleaning solution.

Step-2: Dip the brush inside Detergent & Rub the shoe

Now, take an old toothbrush or a soft scrub brush with soft bristles and dip it inside the detergent solution you just made. Then, rub it on the upper mesh to the sole and all of the shoe. Rub gently but with a bit of effort if there is a stain or more faded. Continue rubbing the brush in a circular motion until you find the sneaker clean enough.

Step-3: Wash off the Shoes & Air Dry

After cleaning the upper mesh by rubbing, wash the shoes off and let them air dry. Never put your Jordan 11 concord into a machine drier. Rather, keep it under the sun or fan dry.

Tips for You:

  • Never use boiling water. Use lukewarm water.
  • Be careful while using hot water.

How To Clean Jordan 11 With Sneaker Cleaner

Your white Jordan 11 concord can become yellowish due to oxidizing. And then it might not be enough to remove the yellowish fade with just detergent. You must go for some industrial or professional method- that is, using any good sneaker cleaner.

Let’s know the process of cleaning Air Jordan 11 Concord with a sneaker solution. Here, you can try the most famous Jason Markk Sneaker Cleaner Kit that comes with a premium brush.

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  • 98.3% natural stuff
  • Applicable on any color and material shoe

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Things You Will Need in This Method

  • Sneaker cleaner solution
  • The premium brush with a soft bristle
  • A bowl of normal water
  • A clean microfiber towel

Steps for cleaning Jordan 11 with sneaker solution are as follows-

Step-1: Wet the Brush & Pour Few Drops of Sneaker Solution

Dip the brush into water, then put a few drops of sneaker solution(any that you have) on the bristle of the brush.

Step-2: Clean the Shoe with the Brush by Rubbing

Rub the brush all over the shoe in a circular motion. Keep on rubbing gently, creating foam, and keep doing this until you see your shoe clean again.

Step-3: Take a Towel and Wipe off

After you are done cleaning with the solution, take a clean towel and wipe off the excess water from the shoe. Then, keep it air dry at least for 4 to 6 hours.

Using a sneaker solution, it takes only a few minutes to clean the shoes. As a result, it saves much time.

Tips for You:

  • While rubbing the brush, don’t rub too hard.
  • Never keep the shoes with a solution for long. Wipe off right after cleaning.

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Alternative to Sneaker Solution- See What’s Different?

Want some more handy sneaker cleaner? Then try Grandma’s Secret Cleaner Spray to remove stubborn spots and stains from your sneaker.

Grandma’s Sneaker Cleaner

  • Plug and play type spray and clean
  • It cleans and whitens unbelievably
  • Usable on the leather mesh, plastic, vinyl, rubber, etc.

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Cleaning with the sneaker cleaner spray is easier. Spray the cleaner on the bristles of the brush or on the shoe, then rub it. After cleaning up all the stains, rinse the shoes off properly.

Try This One If Still No Result: Cleaning Air Jordan 11 Yellow Sole & Mesh
Are your shoes not clean yet? Is it still look yellowish? Don’t worry. We have the solution for this too. After washing with detergent or sneaker solution, use a whitener to restore your sneaker’s whiteness again. As we know, due to heavy use, the white Jordan 11 Concord oxidizes, and the white color fades away. And any shoe whitener or standard laundry whitener will work fine.

You can also try the KIWI All Purpose Shoe Whitener that is budget-friendly.

KiWi Shoe Whitener

  • Works well on leather, vinyl, or plastic
  • Keeps shoe whitener for longer time
  • Ideal to use on any footwear

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Things You Will Need in This Method

  • Shoe Whitener
  • Clean towel

Step-1: Clean & Dry the Shoes

To use any whitener solution, first make sure the shoes are clean and completely dry. If not, wait but never use this whitener on wet shoes.

Step-2: Pour the Whitener on All over the Shoe

Shake the whitener bottle well. Then, apply the whitener all over the white surface of both shoes. Then, let it dry.

Step-3: Rinse off the Shoes after Dry

After both shoes dry out, rinse off under water tap. This step actually does not need. But for your mental satisfaction and remove any chemical odor, better to rinse off once. Then, again, let it dry for up to 6 hours.

Tips for You:

  • After using the laundry whitener, you must rinse off the shoes properly.
  • Never ever apply shoe whitener on dirty or wet shoes.

How To Clean Jordan 11 Sneakers in Washing Machine

Is the stain on your Jordan 11 not gone yet after cleaning with detergent or sneaker solution? Then, what are you waiting for? Apply the machine wash. Yes, you can wash Nike Air Jordan 11 in the washing machine, but you must follow the steps carefully and do exactly as the method says.

Step-1: Put the Shoes in a Laundry Bag

Put the shoes inside a laundry bag. You can either use one bag for two shoes or one bag for each. For effective results, best to use one laundry bag for each shoe.

If you don’t have any laundry bags then, here is a tip for you- use a pillow cover instead of the laundry bag.

Step-2: Put the Shoes inside the Machine & Add Liquid

Keep the shoes inside the machine and add a moderate amount of detergent liquid.

Step-3: Set the Time & Cycle

Set the cold water in the machine. Also, set the time for a minimum of 30 to 40 minutes. Set the machine key on normal mode if the stain is little. However, if the dirt is too stubborn, then set the key on the deep wash. (May vary from machine to machine). Then, press the start button and wait for its cleaning.

Step-4: Air Dry the Shoes

After machine washing, take out the shoes from the laundry bag. And let them dry under moderate sun heat or air dry. Never use a machine dryer.

Tips for You:

  • Never use hot water in a machine wash.

How To Clean Jordan 11 Laces

Did you forget about the laces that you took off at first? Good, if you don’t. But if you did, then it’s time to clean the laces. Here, you won’t need too many attempts. Any good detergent or sneaker solution will do the job.

Let’s make it simple for you by showing the steps –

Step-1: Take Some Detergent inside a Bowl

Take some detergent inside a bowl and mix it with water. If you want can use the sneaker solution. You can also use lukewarm water for removing the stain fast.

Step-2: Dip the Laces

Dip the laces inside the mixture. Rub the laces well with 2 hands and clean them. Do back and forth your hands and clean the laces creating foam.

Alternative for Step-2

You can also apply few drops of sneaker solution on the laces and then dip inside the water.

Step-3: Rinse off & Let Dry

Rinse off the lace and let it dry.

In these ways, you can easily clean Joran 11 Concord at home without any hassle or spending bucks.

What To Know For Professional Cleaning Experience?

What To Know For Professional Cleaning Experience

Are you tired of coming all the methods reading down? But what if we help you with some tips and advice from basic to professional? Though we have added tips with each technique. Let’s have some recall on overall.

Always Use Premium Soft Brush for Cleaning

Never use the brushes with hard bristles while cleaning the leather upper mesh of Jordan 11 Concord. Always use the premium brush with soft bristles to avoid any harm or damage to the mesh.

Never Dry the Jordan Concord with Machine Drier

Don’t dry the Jordan Concord using the machine. Keep it at standard temperature and let it dry for a minimum of 6 hours. Machine drier can damage the shoe sole or helps to oxidize soon.

Don’t Directly Apply the Shoe Cleaner

Always mix the sneaker cleaner with water and then use it with the brush. It is better not to apply the sneaker cleaner directly on the shoe. Some harsh chemicals might damage the mesh.

Rub Gently

While cleaning, rub gently, especially when you are cleaning the mesh side. You will not want your shoe mesh to get damaged for the hard rubbing.

Rinse Well after Using Whitener

Rinse your shoes well after using the shoe whitener or laundry whitener. You surely don’t want your shoe to smell chemicals, will you? So, rinse well with water after applying the shoe whitener.

Keep Your Sneakers Clean Day to Go

There is a proverb- it is better to do it now than later. Similarly, if you clean your shoes daily, you won’t have to fall into such a challenging situation to look for a way to clean the most stubborn stain.

Nowadays, many shoe cleaning wipes are available, like the facial wipes that you can use right after coming home with all-day wear and tear dirt. One of the most popular ones is Goat Shield Shoe Cleaning Wipes.

Goat Shield Cleaning Wipes

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  • No harmful chemical ensuring the safety for both hands & shoes
  • Quick clean up for the kicks

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Protect Your Sneaker from Being Stained

Do you know you can protect your sneaker from getting stained or dirt by some squeeze of spraying? If you want to keep your sneakers water and stain proof, try the Reshoevn8r All-Purpose Repellent Spray that is so hyped nowadays. No matter where you go and jump in the dirty mud, this spray won’t let a single spot on your Jordan 11.

Reshoevn8r Repellent Spray

  • Repels liquids & prevents stain
  • Protects by adding a hydrophobic coating
  • Easy to use-just spray and go

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Bottom Lines

Nothing is as pleasant as restoring your favorite sneakers to their super white and sparkling look again. And when you get a complete step-by-step guide on how to clean Jordan 11 Concord at one place, then what is stopping you from going forth?

We have included all the methods, from the least can be done to the expensive option for Nike Air Jordan’s cleaning. You might know anyone from the mentioned methods or all. However, our helpful tips, at last, will indeed prove beneficial so, don’t skip that.

Make your kicks shining again by applying any one way mentioned above.

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