Duramo 7 Vs Duramo 8- Which one is Perfect For You?

Duramo 7 Vs Duramo 8


Have you heard the name of Usain Leo bolt? He has the world record for running in the Olympic championship. He is well known for his fast speed. Every runner wants to defeat him.

If you are a runner and have a dream of defeating him, you must be careful while choosing running shoes. Without a good pair of shoes, you can get hurt severely. Moreover, it would help if you had sore in your foot. If you hurt yourself once, you will not be able to practice and participate in any championship.

So be wise and choose a durable pair of shoes. My article will help you to select a pair of shoes with good quality. Duramo 7 vs Duramo 8, which one is better running shoes.

The Features Of Duramo 7 vs Duramo 8

Duramo 7 Vs Duramo 8

Before seeking for differentiation, you must know the features of duramo 7 vs duramo 8. Let’s go through the short description carefully to understand the best one for you.

Duramo 7

The manufacturer made duramo 7 with synthetic material. It has an ADIWEAR rubber which can survive in most robust use. Jumping and running does not affect it. It comes at the lowest price. It is available in many colors. Men and women both can choose their favorite color. ADIPRENE foam comforts the heel. EVA sock liner also adds more comfort.

Duramo 8

Like duramo 7, the manufacturer made duramo 8 with synthetic material. It is an updated version of duramo 7. Midfoot TPU cage supports the shoes, and OrthoLite sock liner works for comfort. It also helps to show excellent performance. You can bend it and use it roughly. Duramo 8 is durable.

The comparison for duramo 7 Vs duramo 8

This comparison will help you to choose the right model of shoes for an excellent performance. The usage of shoes depends on their durability and comfort. So follow the information in my table below.

Duramo 7Duramo 8
EVA sock linerOrthoLite sock liner
ADIPRENE foam midsoleCloud foam midsole
Air net in the upper portionSupportive TPU cage
Penetrated smooth overlayShaft estimate low-top from the span

More information about Duramo 7

Adidas company released duramo 7 in the market in March 2015. Duramo 7 is an excellent choice for beginners.

Its inner sole is more comfortable than its previous versions. There is ADIPRENE foam, which absorbs the sweat. Its wide laces make the knots tighter. Its lightweight feels comfortable while running on the relay. ADIWEAR rubber has the ability of tolerance in severe weather and situation. Its 3-D print design looks standard and fashionable.


The ADIWEAR is called a full-length rubber material. It saves the shoes from the damage of exterior touch and abrasion. It also has a grip over the roads.


Adidas used high-quality materials to make a full-length foam. The company applied ADIPRENE technology to make its foam.


In the upper unit, there is an air net. It covers the foot. It creates a way to pass air through the entire shoes. It makes the top unit lightweight and keeps it free from joint. It makes sure that the user can walk comfortably. There is a cozy fabric lining. It does not vex the skin. So anyone can wear them without socks. EVA sock liner works to maintain the cushioning system. It does not diminish quickly.


  • Various color options.
  • Fashionable design.
  • Extremely cozy.


  • Soft heel can feel unattached.
  • Mesh material gets nasty.
  • Dull cushioning.

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More information about Duramo 8

Adidas company released duramo 8 in the market in March 2017. Adidas reshaped the upper layer with a TPU cage. It provides extra sustenance and firmness. They designed the enclosure for passing air through the entire shoes.

They used ortholite insoles to make it cozier. This system balances wetness and provides antimicrobial performance.

They also updated the midsole. They rechanged “supercloud” to the cloud foam trademark label. Under the forefoot and rearfoot areas, there are two extra line dead ends. These two lines discrete the dead ends into sections. It provides a supple of the foot throughout the stride.


Adidas made duramo 8 with a non-marking rubber. It is called ADIWEAR. It protects the bottom of the shoes from diminishing. It adds longevity.


There is a cloud foam midsole for superior cushioning. It prevents painful feelings while running or standing for a long time.

Upper sole

The upper sole of the Adidas duramo 8 is a breathable mesh. It covers the foot. It also increases air circulation. To support and shape, there is a fabric vamp. For better air circulation, there is a TPU cage. There is a lace that you can adjust with your foot by tightening or loosing. For wetness and microbial control, there is an ortholite sock liner. The winner is a smooth fabric. It feels cozier when you wear shoes.


  • Extremely cozy.
  • Suitable in activities and exercise.
  • Impressive and athletic.
  • It increases antimicrobial performance.
  • Available at a low price.
  • Available in diverse colors.


  • Limited width.
  • Width in the toe area.
  • Tight for the 1st time users.

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Which one is better for you?

Now you know that duramo 8 is the latest version of duramo 7. So you must buy duramo 8 for its impressive design and longevity. If you are a beginner and want to buy a pair of shoes, you will choose duramo 8 for its fantastic quality.

In the end, I can say that I cleared your confusion about buying duramo 7 vs duramo 8. If you want to buy only a pair of fashionable shoes, you can purchase duramo 7. If you wish to fashion with durability, you can choose duramo 8 as your best companion.

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