Do You Need Crutches with a Walking Boot?- Know What Research Says

Do you need crutches with a walking boot


Do you need crutches with a walking boot? If you are confused to answer, you should read this article once.

Walking boot and crutches both play a vital role when you are suffering from any leg injuries. Walking boot is a particular type of shoe, and crutch is a stick type helping tool for walking.

You may see some people use only one or both. But when you have a walking boot do you need crutches? Again, without crutches, you may walk also wearing a walking boot.

After researching these two, we have been able to come on the right answer. Through this writing, you can know about crutches, its use both with a walking boot and without walking boot.

Crutches & Walking Boot

Before you want to know the usage, have some basic about these two. Otherwise, you may not understand properly about the necessity of using.


Crutches are walking aid designed especially for the people with an injured leg. The ancient Egyptian at first originated this. Crutches look like a thick stick with some holding pattern.

Crutches are of four types.

  1. Axillary crutches are known as underarm- used with the help of arm.
  2. Forearm known as elbow crutches- based on elbow use
  3. Triceps crutches are known as warm spring crutch-looks like a triangular-shaped
  4. Platform crutches-needs less strength to use.

Walking Boot

A walking boot is a specially made shoe used after any leg surgery or during any foot injury. People also call it a medical shoe or orthotic shoe.

Walking boot is different than regular walking shoes, and so it helps a lot by benefiting comfort and a fast healing tactic.

How Crutches Benefit?

If you want to know that with a walking boot you need crutches or not then, see the use of these two first.

Walking crutches are beneficial when your leg has gone through any surgery. It also benefits when you have any short-term leg issues or any long-term disability to walk.

When you can’t walk like ordinary people, it feels so frustrating and disappointing. But in this world of medical science, why feeling upset. You can also move with these types of tools.

Crutches help to reduce the body weight from the leg and transfers to the upper part of the body. So, it lets you walk based on it. And you won’t get any pressure or feel any pain on your leg.

Walking in crutches don’t let you put your injured leg down. Consequently, you don’t feel any bitter experience while walking.

How Walking Boot Benefits?

A walking boot is a shoe but differently made. When you had an operation on your leg or toe, most doctors suggest using these shoes. Again, if you have a broken toe, these shoes are going to reduce a lot of trouble and put you in ease.

When you have a broken toe or injury in the leg, you need to be very careful before pacing every step. You can’t wear your regular walking shoes as they will hurt your leg more.

So, these walking boot can help you because these are wider than regular shoes. Also, they are very comfortable. You can relax thinking there won’t be an issue of getting any touch on the leg.

Do You Need Crutches with a Walking Boot?

Crutches with a Walking Boot

After you have learnt the practical purpose of crutches and walking boot properly now, you can decide if you need crutches with a walking boot or not.

Basically, you don’t need crutches if you are wearing a medical shoe. When you can wear a walking boot, that means you can walk with comfort without using a crutch. But in some cases, you may feel the necessity to use a crutch along with the boot.

However, if you still confused then, let us show you some cases when you need crutches with your medical boot.

Case-1: Having Difficulties in Balance with the Walking Boot

When you face difficulties to balance with your walking boot, you need to use a crutch. If you can,  you can use one crutch or two.

Sometimes it seems hard to keep balance while walking with a walking boot. So, when you are wearing medical shoes for the first time, and you face trouble in making balance, then you should use a crutch.

It will help you to keep balance while walking and at a time put you at ease through the comfortable, widen brace of the orthotic shoe.

Case-2: Doctor’s Highly Recommendation

Here comes the crucial case. If your doctor recommends you to use a crutch, then you must use a crutch.

If your leg injury is non-weight bearing type then, you can’t put pressure on your leg, not a little bit. You must keep your leg off from the floor touch. In that case, you need a crutch must.

But if your doctor suggests that your leg is weight bearable meaning your leg can bear your body weight,  then it would be okay not to use any crutch.

So, the need of using crutch majorly depends on how deep the foot fracture or foot injury is. In that case, what is the need of walking boot then? Many may be having this question right now in mind.

Well, these PO(Post Operation) shoes are for giving comfort to your leg. These shoes help to recover and heal your leg first.

If you keep your injured leg barefooted, there may be a risk of getting hurt anytime.

Final Words

Crutches and walking boot both are helpful for broken toe or fractured leg. Though some feel uncomfortable using a crutch. But for them, there are varieties in crutch type. So, you can choose the one you feel comfortable.

However, we have explained the answer if you’re going through this often asked question do you need crutches with a walking boot? So, read this to make the right decision and keep your injured leg safe and sound.

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