Crep Protect Vs Scotchgard- Which One is Preferable for You?

Crep Protect Vs Scotchgard


Are you going to buy a protector for your sneakers and getting confused about which one is suitable for you? In our article, we’ve provided some marvelous features of Crep protector and Scotchgard which will assist you to shop for your desire product.

A famous company in west London has launched Crep protect spray with some benefits and special characteristics. This material protects the sneaker’s color, fabric, and keeps free from dust. On the other hand, another renowned company in Germany has launched Scotchgard with advantages.

If you follow this text, you will be ready to realize about Crep protect vs Scotchgard alongside keys features and functions.

Characteristics of Crep Protect Vs Scotchgard


Before getting to discuss about the comparison between them, we have provided basic information about the product. This information help to identify your preferable product.

The differences between these products will help you to know some important features. You will be able to choose your demandable product by knowing the acceptable characteristics.

Comparison Table for Crep Protect vs Scotchgard

CriteriaCrep protectScotchgard
Best product guaranteeThe performance of the Crep protect product is below averageThe performance of the Scotchgard product is better than Crep protect
Best Paypal supportIt gives Paypal benefitsCurrently it doesnot give Paypal benefits
Drying timeDrying time is about only 10 minutesDrying time is longer about 2-4 hours
Brand popularityMore popular than ScotchgardLess popular than Crep protect
ToxicityIt shows no toxicityThe ingredient of it may show toxicity
Common UsesThe spray of it is highly effective in shielding your shoes from dirt, dust, and strains.The use of it extends the texture of furniture, rugs, carpets, children shoes and keeps clean car mats and interiors.

Some similar features Crep protect vs Scotchgard

Both of the products are well-known household cleaning brands. Moreover, today, they have many competitors in the marketplaces. In recent times, both of the products don’t show any best eco-friendliness. From different research studies, at the present both of them might not offer products manufactured within the USA. Besides, both of them are transparent. From some review sites, it is known that both of them are the best customer support. You can easily buy them online.

Details of Crep Protect

Crep Protect is a transparent, optically clear protective layer over the shoes until the substance is sprayed on, beading liquids to minimize concentrations of stain and dirt. Firstly, the product was marketed to sneakerheads. It had been founded by Nohman Ahmed. Later it had been licensed worldwide for Adidas shoecare. There are different types of Crep protect products such as Crep protect cure travel kit, Crep protect wipes, crep protect refill, Crep protect pill, Crep protect mark on pen, Crep protect laces etc.

Things We Like About Crep protect

  • Effective action along with less drying time.
  • Greater appreciation for the brand than in Scotchgard.
  • Less toxic
  • Offers help via Paypal
  • Offers agreement on money-back guarantee
  • Offers global shipping.

Things We Dislike About Crep protect

  • Worse product commodity than Scotchgard

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Details of Scotchgard

Scotchgard is a stain and water repellent developed in 1952 by 3M (the American Adhesive company) and has been used in several cleaning and protective items since then. One of its most common uses is to repell and upholstered furniture as a stain repellant. There are various sorts of Scotchgard products like Scotchgard Water and Sun Shield, Scotchgard Auto Fabric and Carpet protector, Scotchgard  Premium Countertop Cleaner & Protector etc.

It is a strong stain and water repellant that can be used on a wide range of fabrics to keep them safe from messy kids. It gives safety from food stains on clothes, removes a mess in your bag, and stops salt from ruining your boots in winter. Besides, the function of Scotchgard is to protect carpets and domestic utensils from warmth, humidity, and associated mold and bacteria.

Things We Like About Scotchgard

  • Improved product guarantee
  • The surface dirt’s are easily cleaned in the presence of a surfactant component.
  • Provides long-lasting products live

Things We Dislike About Scotchgard

  • The drying time is longer than Crep protect
  • It can be toxic due to chemicals present.

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What Customers Say

Some consumers who like to keep their sneakers clean and dust-free; they can use Crep protects spray or Crep protect wipes. If you are a consumer in this group you can buy it. Moreover, A group of people like to keep their shoes in fresh fragrance, they can use Crep protect pills. Besides, if you are interested to clean your furniture, carpets, rugs, and cars, you can use Scotchgard.


In this article, enough information is provided for you so that you can buy your needed product. This article also helps you to get rid of confusion during purchasing. I hope by reading this article you will get effective information about Crep protect vs Scotchgard and will be able to buy your desire product.

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