Calabasas Vs Continental 80, Tried to Choose One?

Calabasas vs continental 80


A good quality shoe can help to improve your health condition. It is also necessary for the comfort of the body or feet. During selecting or purchasing shoes, most people take their choice founded on aesthetics relatively than on comfort, although healthy feet are important.

Moreover, a high qualified shoe regulates the moisture of foot. For preventing foot odor and many other problems, you can use a quality shoe.  Besides comfort, you also can save your cost with long-lasting usage.

So, do you want to choose the best quality shoe for you? Here we going to provide a top suggestion to get a good product from Calabasas Vs Continental 80. You can undoubtedly purchase that one for a comfortable journey with your shoe.

Comparison of Calabasas Vs Continental 80

The Calabasas shoe is the most authentic creature in the shoe’s world. The color makes its market demand high. On the other hand, Continental 80 also a highly qualified and demanding product in the present generation. We see the similarities between them. Now, its time to get some differences in both shoes.


Continental 80


Attractive color like Gray, Supcol

Collegiate Navy, Ice Mint

Construction Materials


100% Leather



Men’s fashion sneakers


Adidas originals


First available

December 18, 2017

March 27, 2019

Using purposes

Walking or run

Walking to athletes

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Our Recommended Pick- Calabasas

Calabasas is a highly wanted shoe for the latest market. It containing super attractive different colors, which will blow your mind and make your personality gentler. Size of the shoe also may modify with your desire size. This shoe is traditionally entrenched in Avant grade strategies, futuristic ideas, and aesthetics.

The Calabasas shoes are suggestive of the previous, yet updated for the future generation. The model of Calabasas brings the Power phase outline into the new age, which is simple, and with supple white leather construction. Calabasas branding seems in gold on the side.

There are many notable qualifications which will pool you to choose this one. These pair of shoes are mostly authentic and gorgeous to use and highly expected for updated shoe likers. That’s why we recommend this product to select for you.

Structure materials

The Calabasas shoe made from leather. This construction material makes this shoe comfortable to use. Leather made shoes are the most demanding product in the market for its looks and long durability.

This ingredient also traditional to make the shoe authentic. If you want to purchase a perfectly fit shoe with a fashionable look, you just need to try this shoe. This product will give you a modern appearance which may suitable for your personality.

Color of the shoe

This shoe has an attractive but different color collection. This is one of the best qualities of this product, which increases its demand to new generation. They present various colors like Supcol, Gray, etc.

Only a good structure or look is not enough to make your shoe perfect. For a gentle appear, you have to select a beautiful color to buying shoes. The Calabasas offers you these color facilities to choose best for you from many different attractive colors.

Webbing stripe

Calabasas manufactured with two-tone webbing band and retro-style sign window near to the laces. This shoe lined in relaxing French terry fabric. It is another impressive qualification which makes your mind to having these shoes for you.


This shoe is regularly fit to walk or run. Laces are closer to each other and upper layer originates with leather. You can feel soft during using this shoe. Overall performance of this product is good.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Fit to use
  • Attractive color
  • Authentic


  • Sometimes sizes remain unavailable
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Deatails of- Continental 80

Continental 80 Shoes contain all the historical vibes of the standard ’80s leather trainers. The divided rubber cup sole and jumping two-tone line nail the look. French terry coating concludes the throwback sensation.

Trifling in style, the shoe presented premium improved performance and flexibility on the court. It has a fresh appearance to a vintage aesthetics like styling and materials. These are perfect from the fashion junkies to athletes.

Originating ingredients

This Continental 80 made from 100% leather. Capturing a cozy synthetic sole. Besides providing a great look, it also keeps feet well. If you searching for pure leather shoes, continental will be the best choice for you.


Continental 80 has shaft measures nearly low-top from arch. Adding synthetic upper increases its durability. The soak liner mold of this continental shoe is the superior step to make more comfortable.

The construction of the shoes makes them more durable than any other product. It makes these shoes exceptional from others. In the time of purchasing any product, consumers want to guaranty longevity. This Continental 80 provides supreme durability to the customer.


  • Well fitting
  • Fashionable with great looks
  • Durable
  • 100% leather


  • Item size is small
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What Should be the Ideal Pick?

Calabasas Vs Continental 80 is the more or less the same product with their origins and performances. It’s quite hard to choose one from two of them. But we recommend Calabasas to you for purchasing for its extraordinary appearance to provide you a comfortable with the shoes.

This pair of shoes are more durable and presenting a firm look or performance. You can realize its specialty while you using this. The most amazing excellence of the Calabasas is offering different colors or vison for the customer.

Continental 80 is also the best product which originates from 100% leather. Many people like to use pure leather products. If you want so, you can sect this product for you. However, keeping all these qualities in mind, we recommend the Calabasas, which will not disappoint your desire.

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