The Best Superfeet For Flat Feet That Helps & Supports

Best Superfeet For Flat Feet


The moment you discovered this term called flat feet, you started feeling super negative and discouraged instantly. The fact that a flat fee makes a person react slow has made you conscious now that you’ve found it out. But hang on there, it’s not all blues when you research a bit deeper.

The perception regarding flat feet is quite wrong. Flat feet might seem abnormal to you but that isn’t true at all. Everybody is different with their foot shape. And so, yours being a bit on the flattish side does not make you an alien.

Here’s the shortlist of the best superfeet for flat feet:

Best Superfeet for Flat Feet

Superfeet for Flat Feet

Here are complete reviews for the 9 picks we have today…

1. Superfeet GREEN Professional-Grade Insole– Get Maximum Support with This One

The best Superfeet insoles come with a deep heel cup that features the widest and deepest foot support. It also makes sure you are moving your feet in any angle at ease.

On top, this insole has a high-profile shape that helps user feet to find extra stability and calm down when walking on critical surfaces.

This insole is made of high-density soft foam layers that give long-lasting comfort. It also makes sure to reduce stress on the feet.


  • High arch support.
  • Firm cushion.
  • Great fit for daily wear.
  • Easy to get in and out of shoes.


  • It makes squeak noise when walking.
Should You Pick Or Not
With heavy-duty shock absorption and legendary support, this insole is everyone’s bias when it comes to originality.  You should try this out for affordable, performance, and comfort.

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2. Superfeet BERRY Women’s Comfort High Arch Insole– Stop the Trouble of Impact with This One

With soft and bouncy foam at the forefoot, this insole features shock absorption during high-impact activities like walking or running. It also makes sure no chances of mishaps.

This insole comes with medium volume and profile that gives plenty of space to wear easily. It’s also trimmable to achieve your desired size easily.

On the whole, this insole has a reinforced stabilizer cap that makes sure good rearfoot support. It also offers good structure and stability to the foam layer.


  • Good arch support.
  • Lasts longer.
  • Snug and easy fit.
  • Good insole for running.


  • Not for supinator.
Should You Pick Or Not
This shoe is our favourite pick for anyone who wants a resilient and comfortable mixture solution for their feet. It is also great to give a try for the unique shape and legendary support to wear anyplace you like.

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3. Superfeet COPPER Memory Foam Comfort Insole– Get Rid Of Bad Odor with This One

Unlike other Superfeet shoe inserts reviews, it comes with organic odor control options for users to avoid bad smell. This insole also ensures your feet don’t smell bad after long-hour use.

It on top is made for low-medium arched feet that ensure user body and weight is carrying loads at ease. This thing also makes sure better stability.

And, this insole is strong in design that allows users to use it for a longer period of time. It also ensures lasting value.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Good option for pain relief.
  • Decent heel support.
  • Fine cushioning.
  • Excellent 60-day warranty.


  • It is expensive.
Should You Pick Or Not
Want a good pair of insole for everyday wear and activity use? If so, then this insole is our first pick. You definitely want to try this out with your casual, service, industrial, golf, and any footwear.

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4. Superfeet CARBON Insole– Thin and Strong Option for Pain Relief

Made of warp knit polyester, this insole has sturdy volume and profile that ensure users have no trouble with foot pain. It also ensures good stability and support.

On top of that, this insole is 4″ height and 14″ width design that makes sure users fit well. It is also trimmable to fit in your shoe.

This insole on top has a structured heel cup that helps your foot to feel cozy. It also ensures a natural feel to walk easily.


  • Good for men and women.
  • Light in weight.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Excellent arch support.


  • Not for wide feet.
Should You Pick Or Not
For the dedicated athlete who demands high-performance results, then this insole is an ideal option to try out. It is also great for improving the fit and feel of feet when wearing with cleats and shoes.

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5. Superfeet REDhot Insoles– Deflects Cold Away with This One

This REDhot insole is made of 100% Nylex and PCM material that feature light yet durable insulating foil to repel cold away. It also gives a warm feel to your forefoot.

And, this insole comes with a deep and narrow heel cup that helps absorbing impact. It also makes sure you are positioning in the boot for a smoother ride.

With slim and contoured shape, this insole helps stabilize and support the foot. It also ensures redistribute weight evenly across the foot.


  • High volume and warm.
  • Good performance.
  • Trimmable and supportive.
  • Great for mountaineering boots.


  • Only for wintery use.
Should You Pick Or Not
With this insole, you get a snug and stable fit plus get rid of shifting and fewer pressure points. It is also a great pick to try out for getting good cushion support outsole in the feet to run faster.

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6. Superfeet RUN Comfort Insole– Reduce Foot Fatigue with This One

The RUN insole is crafted with carbon fiber that is great for reducing foot and leg fatigue. It also ensures no pressure while gaining efficiency.

On top, this insole has a high-volume design that makes sure maximum support when running. It also has a little extra room to accommodate the volume of the insoles.

This insole is lightweight and responsive that gives cradle feel when contacting. It also has moisture wreak design to use in any sessions.


  • Good for pronation.
  • Great client service.
  • Reduce heel pain.
  • Treadmill tested.


  • Not for using in sandals.
Should You Pick Or Not
This shoe is a big blessing for anyone who wants full heel-to-toe cushioning that offers ultimate comfort in every step. It is also good to try out with your random running footwear or walking shoes.

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7. Superfeet EASYFIT Women’s Comfort Insole– Avoid the Trouble of Friction with This One

This comfort insole for women comes with a plush microsuede top sheet that avoids friction snag. It also makes sure to reduce blisters and hot spots.

Plus, this insole is designed with a slimmer heel and arch length to fit the female foot, slim, and contoured shape. It also helps reduce stress on the ankle and knees.

This insole also has slip-resistant ridges that make sure users are not meeting with slippage snags. It also ensures you never meet unexpected accidents.


  • Sturdy arch support.
  • Last a long time.
  • Good for the machined wash.
  • Create healthy comfort.
  • Good quality.


  • Some buyers find slip trouble.
Should You Pick Or Not
It is a must-have for hugging your arches and heels to ease aches and pain, combat foot fatigue, and keep you going all day long.  If you are a woman and prefer insoles for your slimmest-fitting shoes, then this is the answer.

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8. Superfeet hotPINK Women’s Insole– Use in All Weather with This One

This insole by Superfeet brand has a waterproof and cold-proof cover that is suitable for all-weather use. It also ensures heat feel by deflecting moisture away.

And, this insole features a stabilizer cap that makes sure users are finding good structure and stability. It also ensures you are getting higher performance to walk easily.

This insole on top is intended with a slimmer heel that ensures a natural position while wearing in a shoe. It also reduces crash troubles.


  • Soft and warm feel.
  • Amazing arch support.
  • Great for skiing.
  • Perfect fit.
  • Light yet durable.


  • The client service is bad.
Should You Pick Or Not
This insole is another great choice for anyone who loves a slimmer heel and arch length to fit the female foot easily. It is also good to try out for your ski snowboard and snow sports use.

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9. Superfeet Women’s Trailblazer Comfort Insole– Get Slim Heel Cup with This One

This insole comes with a deep and slim heel cup with HIT POD that disperses impact on ascent and descent. It also minimizes shifts, hotspots and sore toes on risky ground.

By and large, this insole helps give reliable stability for the rigors of a good trek. It is also great for outdoor and indoor use.

And, this insole comes with an EVOLyte carbon fiber stabilizer cap that gives weight defying support for the trail. It also gives comfort.


  • Great for hiking boots.
  • Excellent fit for pain relief.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Good traction.


  • Heel design is thin.
Should You Pick Or Not
The Superfeet insole is good for women who want to try solid inserts on their hiking boots or trail shoes. It is also a great pick to try out for dimensions and contours of a woman’s foot.

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How to Choose the Best Superfeet for Flat Feet?

How to Choose the Best Superfeet for Flat Feet

To find the right Superfeet insoles, you want to consider a few things. Some brands only focus on quality that others are just good in value. So, here are some tricks to find the best in both worlds:

Consider the Material

You want to consider the material when it comes to picking a Superfeet insole. Most insoles from Superfeet brand are made of foam, carbon fiber or other synthetic materials. The material also plays a good role in control, accuracy, and support. So, note that when planning to pick one.

Look for Durable One

The durability of Superfeet insoles should last for a good time. Superfeet insoles ensure longer durability depending on quality and price range. So, ensure that before picking one.

Pick the Comfortable One

Another thing you want to look for is comfort in a Superfeet insole. The adaptive comfort of Superfeet insoles gives longer absorb, store, and release warmth. So, look for insoles that are cozy to wear.

Check the Fit Profile

You want to check the profile of any Superfeet insole for flat feet. The profile of the insole helps your feet to move in ample space. Also, it should give your feet a tight and cozy fit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Superfeet good for flat feet?

Superfeet insoles are a great option for flat feet to find the structure and pad. The insoles also have a supportive shape for your feet to stand in perfect crave. On top of that, they make sure to comfort the feet and less fatigue.

Can flat feet cause back pain?

If you are regular users who tend to wear flat feet for long hours, then the flat feet are a minor ankle pain. Also, it can give you knee, feet, and joint pain. The flat feet on top affect your body too even to walk.

Can I wash Superfeet insoles?

To wash Superfeet insoles, you can clean it occasionally and with some rules. Start by using mild soap and lukewarm water. Then, wash well and remove excess water by using a tissue or towel. And leave them in a dry temperature room.

Wrap Up

Finding the best superfeet for flat feet isn’t rocket science by any means. You just need to figure out your style, the comfort prioritizes you have and some basic must-have features to get the right one. Do your study on this matter a bit more if you feel there are points you still can’t understand.

And only after being 100% about the whole thing, make a choice for your final purchase. Best of Luck with That!

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