11 Best SPD Cycling Shoes That Are Worth Every Penny

Best SPD Cycling Shoes


Finding the best spd shoes might be a choice you took after discovering how significant the role of a proper cycling shoe is for a perfect ride. You are absolutely right about this no doubt. One of the three critical points that help you to make contact with the bike includes feet. And not having a rightly fitted shoe will ruin your patience, practice, and fun more than you will ever think.

Let’s talk about some of the finest recommendations on best SPD cycling shoes that are super functional and affordable as well.

Best SPD Cycling Shoes

Best SPD Cycling Shoes

Let’s jump into the overall review for each of these 11 recommendations.

1. Giro Men’s Cycling Shoe– The Comfiest Shimano Indoor Cycling Shoes to Try Out

Why It's Best
One of the best SPD cycling shoes should come with a comfy design made of leather just like Giro Men’s shoe. It as well as makes sure cozy feels to your feet so that you pedal with no snag.

This cycling shoe on top comes with Vibram ecostep rubber outsole that is tough to wear and tear. It as well as makes sure you are pedaling harder without worrying about break or resistances. This thing also ensures better traction to put less pressure still run faster.

And, it comes with laced closure that makes sure you are fitting the shoe tight and adjustably. This shoe lacing system is also easy to style in many ways.

On the whole, the cycling shoe is a great pick for those who want an EVA midsole that helps to disperse weight. You can try it if prefer stable yet flexible shoes.


  • It comes at an affordable price point.
  • The shoe is great for indoor cycling.
  • It gives users the confidence to ride in action.
  • Great pick for the quality.
  • It gives better control when riding at home.


  • Some people find the insole hard.

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2. Tommaso Pista Women’s Cycling Shoe– Designed to Give Spin Class Riders the Best SPD Clipless Shoes

Why It's Best
Tommaso Pista’s shoe is made of synthetic leather upper padding that makes sure perfect performance for spin classes. It also allows you to achieve your personal best speed record.

On top of that, the cycling shoe comes with ventilated mesh portions so that the user’s feet stay cool with ease. It as well as makes sure your feet are fresh and cozy even if you are pedaling for a long hour.

This cycling shoe also comes with dual SPD cleats and wrench that makes sure universal fit no matter what pedal system you use. Yet, it isn’t compatible with peloton bikes to use.

If you want a quality and precision-fitted shoe that gives comfort, then it’s an ideal option. This cycling shoe is also great for anyone who likes Velcro straps to get rid of loose fit when practicing.


  • The client support gives great advice.
  • It comes at many color options.
  • The quality of this shoe is good to lasts for years.
  • It helps to pedal faster at less force.
  • Amazing pick for the spin class riders.


  • A few buyers find the price expensive.

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3. Gavin Bike Mesh Cycling Shoe– Protect Your Feet by This Best MTB Shoes with SPD Cleats

Why It's Best
The cycling shoe from the Gavin brand offers good protection to the rider’s feet that are compatible with 2 bolt cleats. It on top makes sure you are attaching quick and easy yet needs to buy them separately.

In addition to that, this cycling shoe comes with a perforated insole that is made of light, cozy, and quick-drying material. It also makes sure you are getting rid of feeling fatigued when pedaling harder for hours. This thing on top ensures pedal quickly for a long period.

It as well as comes with hook and loop straps designed with carbon fiber that assures you to fit quick and easy. With this option, you are able to attach faster and easier than other lacing system closure.

In general, it is an ideal pick if you want a good fit and foot stability shoe for your everyday biking. The shoe is also good with a light and cool texture for anyone to wear easy.


  • The price of this shoe is reasonable.
  • Great option for indoor cycling or spin bikes.
  • It is light in weight and looks cool.
  • The shoes are true to size fit.
  • Easy to put on and remove.


  • The SPD cleats need to buy separately.

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4. Tommaso Montagna 200 Men’s MTB Cycling Shoe– Toughest Mountain Bike Shoes with SPD Cleats to Try Out

Why It's Best
Tommaso Men’s shoe is built of quality fiberglass-reinforced sole that the competition can’t compare for its great durability. It as well as makes sure you are riding faster and longer in less force.

The brand on top comes with 2 years of quality assurance for their beloved buyers to get the ideal replacement that they deserve. And, they make sure their buyers are getting nothing but good to be happy with their purchase.

Amazingly, this shoe comes with quality Velcro straps closure that makes sure the right fitting for wear. It also makes sure your feet are getting extra comfort when riding to avoid ankle or heel discomfort.

Generally speaking, this cycling shoe is another great option for anyone who likes all-day comfort for their versatile use. It’s also great for biking, spinning, commuting, and touring.


  • It has lots of breathable meshes for easy airflow.
  • The brand comes with 2 years of warranty.
  • Great pick for mountain, road, and spin bike.
  • For the value, it’s hard to beat.
  • It gives great comfort to pedal harder.


  • Not for walking use.

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5. Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoe– Burn More Calories with Clipless Shoes for SPD Cleats Usage Like This One

Why It's Best
This cycling shoe comes with a stiff sole that makes sure you are putting more force when pedaling. It on top makes sure you force down higher power that burns the fat on your body.

And, this shoe comes with a micro-adjustable buckle that makes sure fine-tuned fit and comfort so that you can pedal comfortably. It also ensures you get a secure closure option for avoiding accidents or mishaps while riding a bike.

With airflow ventilation mesh, this shoe makes sure your feet are feeling cooler when pedaling strokes. It also allows you to ride for a longer period of time without feeling tired or sweaty on your feet.

In the bottom line, this shoe is a smart pick for those riders who want to improve pedal stroke power and efficiency. It is also good for beginners to enhance the cycling experience.


  • The shoe has true to fit sizing.
  • It feels cozy to wear on a daily basis.
  • The brand given customer service is very helpful.
  • Great shoe for the price point.
  • It gives good control to pedal well.


  • A few people find the strap fragile.

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6. Tommaso Milano Men’s Cycling Shoe– One of the Best Shimano SPD Shoes for Casual Styling Daily Use

Why It's Best
Tommaso Men’s shoe is known as the best SPD shoes for hopping off your bike and walking with ease on the road. It also has casual sneaker styling that is ideal for daily cycling and commuting.

The Milano shoe on top has a good level of comfort and functioning that is hard to find in other cycling shoes. It also allows you to feel the power on every pedal stroke with a hidden inner shank plate to never give your feet face discomfort.

Besides, this cycling shoe comes with a lace-up system that makes sure you are fitting tight in a minute. It as well as makes sure a comfortable tight fit to pedal better with no loose feel.

In most cases, this shoe is a good luck charm if you prefer a 100% fit return and 2 years of quality value options. It is also ideal for you to activate more muscle groups on your pedal stroke.


  • Perfect pick for commuting and spin class.
  • It has a great lacing system to fit tight.
  • The shoe is very rigid to last longer.
  • It is light in weight and cozy to wear.
  • The shoe appears with high quality.


  • Not a suitable pick for big feet.

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7. TIEM Slipstream Spin Shoe– Easy to Handle SPD Shoes for Indoor Cycling

Why It's Best
This spin class shoe comes with easy to lever design that allows any users to easily get around the studio while off the bike. It also has a tough nylon cycling shank underfoot that helps to pedal better.

And, this shoe is made of breathable and cozy mesh with an athletic textile upper that ensures your foot to breathe well. It as well as makes sure your feet are getting better airflow when pedaling faster to continue throughout the class.

The slipstream shoe on top has a classic hook and loop strap to make sure your feet are fitting fine. It also makes sure a faster and easier fastening system to avoid wasting time.

In short, this shoe is an ideal choice for any go-getters who want slip-on style options that reduce the chances of injuries. It’s also good for accelerating pedals with a higher power.


  • The shoe is simple to wear.
  • It has more cushioning than other cycling shoes.
  • The shoe insole is rigid to pedal quicker.
  • Good shoe for advanced cyclists.
  • The shoe is easier to maintain.


  • Imperfect price for the quality.

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8. Tommaso Terra 100 Women’s Cycling Shoe– Get Rid of Friction with This One

Why It's Best
It’s in our best SPD shoes list for its factory value and good layout that makes sure no snag of friction while pedaling. This cycling shoe also ensures smooth and fast pedal strokes with no resistance.

With a strong insole, it makes sure you are pedaling in a good way with no-slip or skid troubles. As riders often meet accidents due to faster pedaling, which this shoe insole helps to avoid these types of nightmares.

It also comes with removable climbing spikes that allow riders to adjust their shoe easier. The shoe spikes on top help adding extra traction to help your feet in mud or adverse conditions.

For those who want soft padding shoes in both the downstroke and upstroke, it’s an excellent deal. This shoe is also ideal for hugging your foot for all-day comfort.


  • The shoe is a great pick for a wide fit.
  • It is easy to attach to SPD cleats.
  • The shoe appears with a strong outline to stay stable.
  • Trouble-free to get on and off.
  • Great cycling shoes for road bikes.


  • Not for men to use.

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9. Venzo Bicycle Men’s or Women’s Cycling Shoe– Boost Safe Pedaling Zone with This One

Why It's Best
This cycling shoe from the Venzo brand comes with admirable looks and systems for any user to increase speed in safety. It also allows you to achieve a safe fit with 3 Velcro straps for fast fit.

On top, this shoe comes with 5 highly breathable meshes in the upper sole that makes sure good airflow to make your feet sweat-free and cool. It also ensures you find the inner strength to run faster.

With quick-drying material, it is easy to clean for washing out all the dirt and sweat. To clean, use a brush with water and soap mixture and rub well. After that, rinse with water and store it in a dry room.

Usually, it’s one of the finest shoes for those who want the award-winning performance to improve riding skills. This shoe is also good for a light, fast fit, and feel.


  • The shoe insole and outsole are super sturdy.
  • Great pick for any beginner cyclist.
  • It is amazing in looks to style while riding.
  • The shoe has good durability to last longer.
  • It is snug to wear.


  • Not easy to walk in when wearing.

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10. Louis Garneau Women’s Bike Shoe– Get Perfect Ventilation Option with This One

Why It's Best
Louis Garneau’s shoe for women comes with a multi air flex design that ensures any rider to handle all types of riding. It on top makes sure a flexible and ventilated feel to stop sweat.

This shoe on top comes with a roomier and more comfortable fit for riders to enjoy all-day riding. It also makes sure your feet have full protection against any bad accidents with hook and loop fasteners.

And, this cycling shoe is great for walking too with its nylon and fiberglass composite outsole that supports the heel and toe when on foot. It also makes sure your feet have no pain or mishaps.

To sum it up, this shoe is a great investment for pro riders who want HRS-80 retention cup picks. It is also good for training, commuting, weekend rides, and spin class too.


  • The shoe looks sleek and clean.
  • It has plenty of room in the toe.
  • Great option for spinning classes.
  • The shoe is super simple to wear.
  • It appears in good quality to avoid tears.


  • Sadly, the sole is way too thin.

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11. Tommaso Pista Women’s Cycling Shoe– Avoid Slipping When Pedaling With This One

Why It's Best
Tommaso Women’s shoe is made for spin classes with a rigid sole that protects feet from overstress or slip while pedaling. It also ensures no burning under the bottom of the foot.

The Pista shoe as well as comes with a precision heel cup that gives rotational float to pedal in good angels. It also allows your feet to find good heel support for better efficiency and performance.

Plus, this shoe has added toe-box ventilation that helps circulate air throughout it. With this feature, your feet will be cool in the hottest spin classes.

Overall, it’s a lovely pick for anyone who wants durable, synthetic, and security in one shoe. The shoe is also ideal for avoiding pressure points and finding maximum comfort.


  • The precision heel has a strong insole and outsole.
  • It gives no ankle or heel pain.
  • Great pick for road and spin bike.
  • It comes with good color varieties.
  • The shoe gives better power transfer.


  • It is hard to clean.

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SPD VS SPD SL- What’s the difference?


Many people get confused when it comes to SPD and SPD SL cleats for its 2 or 3 bolts. Both SPD and SPD SL cleats look the same yet work differently. The SPD means Shimano Pedaling Dynamics while the SPD SL stands for Shimano Pedaling Dynamics Super Light.

In fact, people know the SPD cleats as a mountain bike pedals use. Conversely, the SPD SL cleat is being used in road cycling. But, when it comes to reducing weight down for faster pedaling, the SPD is a better option than SPD SL.

There are a few aspects that show SPD and SPD SL cleats have difference specialty:

SPD Cleats

Double-sided entry

Nearly all SPD cleats are double-sided entry that makes sure easier and quicker attach. SPD also offers increased release tension for extra safety. Unlike SPD SL, the SPD cleats are robust that causes no wear and tear troubles.

Walkable cleats

SPD cleats are a great option for walking in any road condition. While other cleats give discomfort feel, the SPD is the comfiest on the feet. The sole tread of SPD ensures no slip or skid snags that are fine to walk on the road.


Bigger pedal platform

The SPD SL cleats are low weight and power delivery for its bigger pedal platform. It also makes sure your foot is placed in the right way so that pedaling efficiency is increased.


SPD SL cleats come in a good variety of several float options. It on top has yellow, red, and blue colors with different rotational floats.

For putting the specific varieties, pros and cons, both systems are great in their own ways. Basically, SPD cleat is built of metal that makes sure it has better durability than the SPD SL. However, SPD cleats are smaller than the SPD SL.

How to Install SPD Cleats on Cycling Shoes?

How to Install SPD Cleats on Cycling Shoes

If you want to install SPD cleats on cycling shoes, it’s vital for you to learn some tricks. So, here are some simple yet effective steps to mount:

Step 1: Take out the old cleats from your shoes

Your first step is to use an Allen wrench to take out the old cleats from your cycling shoes. If you are done dismounting, follow the next step.

Step 2: Place the ball of your foot

Ensure you are wearing the shoes in a tightened position. Now, press with your finger inside the rim of the shoe to find the ball. Locating the ball of your foot is easy if done properly.

Step 3: Mark the ball

Then, mark the surface of the shoe in the center point as accurately as possible. Do the same step to another shoe.

Step 4: Draw a line beside the sole

Remove the shoe from your feet and draw a straight line to the same points. Make sure your mark is visible.

Step 5: Place cleats and fit with an Allen wrench

Then, fit the new cleats in the marked area with an Allen wrench. Ensure the fit is tight yet adjustable.

What to Look Before Buying SPD Cycling Shoes?

What to Look Before Buying SPD Cycling Shoes

Finding decent quality SPD compatible shoes is easy if done with research. For those who are busy yet desire the best in both worlds, here are some facts to look into:

Consider the materials

Cycling shoes compatible with SPD cleats should come with rigid material-built soles for long-term usage. You want to make sure the shoe has nylon constructed material for use in other reasons too. So, note that before going to the market.

Check the closure system

You want to inspect the closure system of your chosen cycling shoe before picking.  To understand better, here are 3 types of secure fitted options which are considerate good:

Ratchet buckle

The ratchet buckles are a very popular closure system that gives good protection to avoid a slip or loose fit. They are tough and trustworthy yet not as precise as Velcro straps.

Velcro straps

This type of closure option is light in weight yet sturdy to get rid of damage if you crash. On top of that, the Velcro strap is made a long-ago still available in the market for its perfect exactness.

It stands stiff when riding for hours unlike the ratchet buckles or BOA dials that can cut up. The Velcro strap gives good protection and reliable hold of your foot to pedal longer. Besides, it has 3 Velcro straps in shoes to ensure a secure fit.


Unlike the other two closure systems, the lace up cycling shoe is the lightest with a great sheltered fit. This type of closure system is a great pick for professional road racing or spin classes. Yet, the lace-up system is hard to adjust because of its nature.

Test the Comfort

When it comes to picking any cycling shoe, you want to go with a comfortable one for not regretting later.

As you’ll use shoes in your daily biking or spin classes, it should come with a soft padded liner made of leather with great ventilation options so that your feet feel cool while riding a bike. So, ensure to pick based on comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need a cycling shoe?

Cycling shoes are a better option for anyone who wants to ride a bike faster and steadier in a safe way. They on top enable better alteration of power in less pressure of pedal stroke. Besides, it makes sure to improve indoor cycling class with efficient riding.

Do I need SPD cleats for clipless cycling shoes?

If you have a pair of clipless cycling shoes, it’s vital to have special pedals and cleats for them too. As cycling shoes are designed to attach to the sole, you’ll need SPD, SPD-L, or Look Delta cleats.

What is the price of indoor cycling shoes?

Depending on quality and features, a first-class indoor cycling shoe should come not more than $50 to $200 dollars. Sometimes, you can find good quality indoor cycling shoes at a low price for a special discount.

Is it possible to walk in cycling shoes?

Most brands designed cycling shoes to walk or pedal well in the road. But some cycling shoes are allowed to be worn for walking purposes. In recent generations, nearly all cycling shoes are fine to wear on the road to walk with no trouble.

Wrap Up

And that was our thoughts on the best SPD cycling shoes available recently. Make a choice out of these 11 popular picks and we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Just be sure enough to keep odds in your favour by taking the critical considerations into account seriously. Good Luck with That!

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