7 Best Shoes For Broken Toes That Does Not Make Your Pain Worse

best shoes for broken toes


Oops, you got your toe broken and it pains awfully! The doctor you visited suggested a six week long healing period with some treatments and medicines. And he told you to get the best shoes for broken toes that will help in this healing phase. So here you are looking for an appropriate option only to find out that the hunt is a bit confusing.

Don’t worry we’ve got your back! Our team recently researched and found out some of the finest broken toe shoe options that are amazing in terms of budget, comfort, and other relevant criteria.

Best Shoes For Broken Toes

We have reviewed these 7 recommendations with both pointing out good and bad of each of them below. Enjoy!

1. Complete Medical Darco Med-Surg – The Best Shoes After Broken Foot for Men

It’s in our best broken toe shoes list for amazing foot caring dual pads that make sure no discomfort after wearing. This shoe also allows you to operate for treating foot injury.

On top of that, the shoe is a removable insole square toe design that makes sure additional protection against tripping. It also makes sure you are able to find more control when walking.

If you want a 25% optional peg to assist solely to avoid plantar pressure, then it’s an ideal pick. This shoe is also great for users to get lightweight forefoot slippers.


  • It is hand-washable to clean easily.
  • The shoe is adjustable to stay snug on your feet.
  • It has a strap near the ankle that keeps it in place.
  • The sole of this shoe is very strong.
  • Good pick for post-op recovery.


  • This shoe is not returnable.

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2. ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe– Cozy Option for Wearing Heels after Broken Toe

ProCare’s shoe comes with a square toe design that gives extra room and comfort for any broken foot user. It’s on top that ensures you maintain a proper position for walking with no snag.

This post-operative toe shoe also comes with a good design that keeps your feet clean and toes dry. It as well as gives stable protection in your foot to get rid of the pain.

By and large, this shoe is a great pick for those who want a universal fit to wear in either left or right foot. You can try if prefer the ease of ambulation and pressure reduction.


  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • The ankle has a slight edge for easy balance.
  • It lasts for a longer period of time.
  • The shoe is comfortable to wear.
  • It has an accurate size option to get.


  • Not a good pick for small feet.

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3. DMI Cast Women’s Medium Toe Shoe– Women’s Best Walking Boot for Broken Toe Use

The best shoes for broken toe come with an easy to wear layout that protects feet after surgery just like this DMI Women’s shoe. It also ensures you to do your daily work at ease.

Made of nylon mesh, this shoe makes sure no overheat trouble to your feet for its airflow system. It also makes sure a good breathability to protect the foot.

Overall, this shoe is an ideal pick for women who want padded insoles that give comfort to injured feet. It is also good for giving a hook and loop security.


  • Great pick for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Easy to put on and off.
  • The brand has limited quality assurance.
  • Excellent for use after toenail removal.
  • The shoe feels light in weight and cozy.


  • Some people find one drawback with sizing.

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4. BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Shoe– Best Boot for Broken Toe You Must Try!

Made for giving mobility, safety, and support to feet, BraceAbility shoe is a good pick for day-to-day activity use. It also ensures keeping your feet away from soft tissue injuries.

This shoe on top has clinically proven design to treat a broken toe, metatarsal fracture, stress fracture, and sprain injury. It also allows you to immobilize your foot to heal the foot.

For those who want a comfortable, deluxe foam liner and wide toe bed shoe, it’s an excellent option. It is also good for you to achieve swelling and bandaging.


  • It is designed to protect and treat foot issues.
  • This boot is comfortable to wear.
  • It is a good investment in that price.
  • The boot is a very sturdy construction.
  • It lasts for a long-term period.


  • A few people find the strap fragile.

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5. Corflex Orthowedge Broken Toe Shoe– A Perfect Broken Pinky Toe Solution for Post-op Use

Corflex shoe comes with a 15° Dorsi-angle bottom that makes sure any user feet and heels to weigh back when wearing. It on top ensures plenty of space for the foot.

This shoe for postoperative use on top comes with a big yet light design that helps users to avoid foot pressure. It also makes sure your foot is getting rid of pain with a faster healing position.

In general, this shoe is a great choice for anyone who wants a hygienic option that gives good protection to broken toes.  It is also good for dressing easily.


  • This shoe is amazing for protecting broken feet.
  • It gives a good balance to walk.
  • The shoe has a decent price point.
  • It is for both right and left feet.
  • The sizing guide is precise.


  • After use, it isn’t returnable.

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6. United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Toe Shoe– Best Shoes to Wear After Broken Foot

This broken toe shoe has a medial air balder that makes sure to increase comfort for both men’s and women. It as well as makes sure you get rid of edema or foot pain.

This shoe on top comes with a rocker sole that makes sure lasting usage that won’t tear easily. It also makes sure your feet stay shock-free to avoid bumping.

Generally speaking, this shoe is an amazing choice for those who want a natural walking feel during use without sacrificing relief. It’s also good for increased compressions.


  • It has a well-padded liner for cozy wear.
  • The shoe is easy to fit.
  • It appears with good air casting design.
  • The shoe allows the ankle to flex more.
  • Ideal boot for stress fractures.


  • Sadly, it feels heavy on the feet.

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7. Orthowedge Forefoot Off-Loading Healing Toe Shoe– Best Shoes for Stress Fracture in Foot

The toe shoe from the Orthowedge brand is designed for individuals healing from a broken toe and other foot surgery or pain. It as well as protects your forefoot to force down weights to your heel.

This toe shoe on top has comfort yet rigid padded liner that protects your foot from damages. It also makes sure better bandaging against inflammation.

In short, the shoe is a perfect pick if you want durable material for all-day comfort during treatment. It is also good for achieving lightweight, removable, and heel support shoes.


  • It appears with a textured sole to avoid slip.
  • The shoe helps to heal foot injury faster.
  • It is easy to put on or remove.
  • Perfect for toe injuries.
  • Works for a fraction of the costs.


  • Unfortunately, it is thick and high.

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How to Pick the Right Shoes for Broken Toe

How to Pick the Right Shoes for Broken Toe

Here’s the thing, you can’t absolutely buy any random shoe that looks comfortable to you. The more time invested in making a wise choice, the more chance of getting an actually valuable pair. Here are some factors you should take into account for considering your right toe relieving pair of shoes.

The Toe Needs to Be Straight

From a regular point of view, you may believe getting a soft pair of shoes will be better for your broken toe. While the truth is the opposite, you need a stiff one. Why? Because that type of shoe will help you stabilize your fracture the best. It will keep the pressure away from toes and so it’ll get time to heal in the right way.

In Case of Swelling

If you think there is swelling with the toe that’s going to cause trouble for a long time, go with an open-toed sandal. That way you will have some extra room for swollen toes. A close-toed pair will be nothing more than discomfort in such criteria.

Keep the Toe Protected

If there’s nothing sever about swelling and your doctor suggested to keep the toe covered, then buying a close toe shoe is a great choice. Just make sure the upper front part is stiff enough. It needs to be solid enough to keep the toe protected inside while allowing healing.

A Rigid Made

Of course, a shoe that needs to keep your toe safe has to be rigid and solid enough. And that’s not going to happen if you get a pair made from poor quality material. Make sure you have a check over the construction material. And ensure it will be able to provide the solidness plus durability throughout your painful phase.

The Right Fit

You don’t want the injuries to get any further because of a poorly fitting pair of shoes. Improper footwear during this period will cause wobbling and unstable footing. And that’s something you should worry about from the beginning.

Go for a snug fit that isn’t uncomfortable but yet good enough to avoid any wobbly and unstableness. And there will be less chance of falling or tripping incidents. Make sure you pay attention to the right stance and arch support. So that a more natural posture and gait are possible.

Care About the Soles

The stability for stance also depends on the sole of shoes and braces. And so, you should pay attention to getting an ideally shaped sole that will help you during the toe healing phase.

Usually, rocker shaped soles are better at providing natural ambulation. You also want to go for the sole material that is kid resistance. The traction needs to be high sensing for a slip-less and protected walking that does not worsen the injury.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of shoe is good for a broken toe?

A sturdy yet comfortable walking boots or toe shoe is a good pick. For broken toe relief, it’s better to choose an open and breathable shoe that has a good foot box with plenty of space. As anyone with foot surgery or injury, they want big and well-fitting shoes.

What is the price of walking boots?

Most good quality walking boot brands come at around $59 to $450 dollars. Based on the quality, it can come at both high and low price-points. In some cases, you are able to find a quality toe shoe in fewer prices for some special discounts.

Is it possible to drive with a broken foot shoe?

The answer is both yes and no. It, in fact, depends on your ability and injury which indicates whether you drive or not. If you find your leg hard to move, it’s better to avoid driving or anything that needs using your feet. Yet, if you are okay to move the leg, then you can try out.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, we were able to manage you some guidance regarding the best shoes for broken toe that will comfort your painful period. Even if it helps you a little bit, we’ll feel great. Make sure you pay attention to your priority features as well that ensures a comfortable pair of shoes. Proper research is the key here.

Make sure you take care of yourself and give the toe enough relaxation and don’t forget to be careful about your treatments too. We Wish You a Quick Recovery!

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