7 Best OR (Operating Room) Shoes For Surgeons & Doctor

best operating room shoes


No matter if you are a doctor or a surgeon, operating rooms are always a demanding place where you have to keep constantly moving, rushing, making life-dependent decisions, and so on.

The phase needs you to be completely prepared with the right mental balance, physical condition, and even what you are wearing on your feet. The footwear you put down that day needs to be comfortable and supportive during this extremely intimidating session where you would hardly want to focus on any obstruction at all.

So, here’s the list of 7 best operating room shoes:

Best Operating Room (OR) Shoes

Operating Room Shoes

We are about to dive right into the complete reviews for today’s top 7 or shoes. Let’s get into it!

1. Merrell Men’s Encore Bypass Slip-On Shoe– Enjoy Cool Airflow in Your Foot with This One

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Because of its lightweight and flexible feel, it is one of the best shoes for doctors to enjoy good foot support while working for too long. You can try this out for easygoing casual look footwear.

Merrell Men’s shoe is crafted with a breathable mesh upper that ensures the user’s feet are cool. It on top ensures you are getting no heat or sweaty feel even if standing in one place for hours.

With the ease of a slip-on, it comes with a perfect fit so that users can easily wear and remove when time is running out. This shoe also ensures you are wearing a good fit.

It on top has 2” heel cup that is enough for giving your feet energy return to roll under your body weight. This shoe also makes sure your feet are getting good support to walk with no discomfort.

On top of that, this midfoot strike shoe comes with a synthetic sole. This thing also ensures no slip.


  • Easy to wear.
  • Rugged and comfortable.
  • Great partner for summertime.
  • The sole and sides protect against rocks.
  • Last for a long time.


  • It is not watertight.

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2. Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clog– Get Roomy Feel to Move Comfortably with This One

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This XP 2.0 clog is another ideal option for any surgeons to enjoy exceptional support and comfort. A rock style clog gives great protection to your feet against wet, dry, and oily-wet surfaces.

Dansko brand one of the best shoes for female doctors are the XP 2.0 clog that has plenty of room to enjoy greater movement. It also ensures your foot to move happily with wiggle feel.

This shoe on top has lightweight EVA midsole that makes sure no snag of fatigue or bulky feel. It also allows you to wear daily with better stability to walk freely.

Besides, it comes with a padded instep collar that ensures the user’s feet to enjoy extra relief when doing random stuff. This shoe also makes sure no trouble from shock too.

With Dansko Natural Arch technology, this shoe comes with dual-density PU footbed for long-hour foot support. It is also removable and gives natural walking comfort.


  • The floral pattern is subtle.
  • Great for a 12hr shifts.
  • Comfortable for wide feet.


  • Not for high arches.

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3. OOFOS Unisex Post Exercise Active Recovery Clog Shoe– Avoid Heel and Ankle Pain with This One

Should You Pick Or Not
If you are looking for the best shoes for nurses with flat feet, then it’s a huge deal. This shoe absorbs 37% more impact than traditional foams which is worthy to try out for recovering faster and feel better.

This shoe by OOFOS brand is great for both men and women to wear cozily with no heel or ankle pain. It also makes sure you are feeling comfortable even if working for too long.

With 100% smooth leather and synthetic mesh, this shoe makes sure the user’s feet are getting better protection against rough terrain. It also makes sure you are not facing any aches.

This shoe on top comes with OOfoam Recovery Technology that makes sure your feet are walking in natural motion and relief. It also allows your feet to position in the right way.

And, this shoe sole is made of rubber that makes sure no trouble of crack. It also makes sure you are not facing any snag of slippage.


  • Plenty of rooms.
  • Good for high arches.
  • The sole is rigid.
  • Good quality.


  • Not for wearing with thick socks.

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4. Keen Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On– Get Rid of Slip Snag with This One

Should You Pick Or Not
For the best shoes for nurses male that work hard and look good, it is a top-notch option to try out. This shoe is also a good investment for keeping your foot in all-day comfort.

Keen Utility Men’s slip-on is known as one of the best theater shoes for its oil and slip-free non-marking outsoles. It on top keeps your shoe on the ground so you can work with confidence.

This shoe also features a soft toe built that helps your feet to work fine in the toughest conditions. It as well as ensures good protection where the shoe outsoles wrap up and over the toes.

And, this shoe has a combination of recycled PU, cork, and memory foam that contours your feet to feel like a second layer. It’s also great for cushioning.

With a stability shank, elastic panel, and compression-molded midsole, this shoe allows you to work without breaking a sweat. It has a removable footbed too.


  • Good Traction.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Perfect for service work.
  • Comfy collar liner.
  • Great professional look.


  • Tight fit around mid-foot.

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5. Crocs Women’s Neria Pro Ii Clog– Easy To Clean Footwear for Nurse to Try Out

Should You Pick Or Not
With reliability and pliable design, this shoe is a smart pick for female surgeons to make the rounds with protection. It is also great to try out for showing off a bit of tasteful graphics and a relaxed fit.

Crocs brand comes with one of the best clog shoes that are easy to clean with a fully molded design. To clean well, you want to use soap and water and allowing for a quick dry.

This shoe also comes with 100% synthetic mesh that your feet need for long days and nights use. It also allows your feet to avoid slippage or tripping snags for never meeting mishaps.

The Neria Pro Ii clog on top comes with thicker toe regions with a roomy feel for walking without pain. It also makes sure your feet feel no tight fit.

Besides, this shoe gives good protection against infections or germs attacks that are flowing in the floor. It’s also ASTM F2913-11 and CE Certified.


  • Lightweight and Comfortable.
  • Good for all sessions.
  • True to size.
  • Great for doctors.


  • Not for narrow feet.

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6. Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker– Find Comfy Footwear for Versatile Use

Should You Pick Or Not
This shoe is an ideal pick for medical doctors to get perforated details, stitching, and overlay accents. You can try this for your daily lifestyle needs with high quality, diversified, and affordable sneakers.

This sneaker is our favorite pick for men’s that has comfort in many reasons. It also can be used for your sports, hiking, walking, surgery, and other activities as well.

With a flexible and high-traction rubber outsole, this shoe makes sure the user’s feet are contacting on the rocky surface at ease. It also makes sure you are facing no slippage or tripping.

This shoe on top comes with memory foam insole so that the users can easily run, walk, or do their thang at ease. It also ensures you are getting rid of ankles, foot, and back pain.

In addition, it comes with a great lacing style closure system to tie with extra protection. Yet, it does need more time to tie than other clogs.


  • Good fit.
  • Supportive and comfortable.
  • Decent style.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Great durability.


  • It takes time to tie down.

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7. Skechers Balder Slip Resistant Work Clog– Toughest Option for Long Hour Use

Should You Pick Or Not
When you want your long and tough workout suitable shoe, this Skechers clog is an excellent pick. Blend of lightweight, flexible, and robust, it is praiseworthy to check for keeping your feet cozy after hours.

This clog-style shoe by Skechers brand comes with a strong synthetic material outsole that makes sure no crack or split trouble. It also makes sure you are using this one shoe for a longer period of time.

On top, this shoe comes with good ventilating ports at the medial side so that users find better airflow to keep their feet cool and dry. It also makes sure you are working hard with no sweaty feel.

This shoe on top comes with a shock-absorbing padded footbed that makes sure no chances of injury. It also makes sure your feet are working fine on any uneven or critical terrain.

And, it comes with OSHA-compliant slip-resistant sole that makes sure no harmful effect under wet and oily conditions. The shoe is also responses well with natural motion when walking.


  • Slip-free outsole.
  • Trouble-free to wear.
  • Simple to wipe.
  • Good for long-term use.


  • Some buyers find trouble with sizing.

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How to Choose the Best Operating Room Shoes?

How to Choose the Best Operating Room Shoes

Finding the best shoes for surgeons that help your foot from pain is easy with good research. Most surgeons have to wait by standing for hours to achieve successful surgery. So, here are some things which you want to check in a surgeon shoe:

Check the Comfort

When in an operating room for surgery, it’s vital to go with a shoe that gives good comfort. Just check the cushioning which mostly made of EVA or memory foam to get a comfortable feel in the sole.

Consider the Foot Support

You want a good pair of shoes that prevent your foot, leg, ankle, and back pain with the best support. Look into the arches that’ll make sure your foot is having good sustain for long hours performance. For that, check out the sole and heel support of your chosen surgeon shoe.

Test the Durability

Before you invest your money on any surgeon shoe, you want to make sure it lasts longer. Yet, keep that in mind the more durable you prefer, the more prices it’ll cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do surgeons need special shoes?

Surgeons do need special footwear to ensure good relief, support, and protection. Most surgeons prefer clog style shoes that save time with easy slip on and off closure. The lace-up style shoe or flats does take more time to insert for surgeons to prepare.

How to achieve perfect sized operational room shoe?

Sizing is a great deal for most surgeons to avoid a slip or lose fit while having serious surgery. To avoid sizing error, ensure that you know your correct foot size before informing. If you’re buying online, check review and comment to learn about sizing.

Do I need to wash surgeon shoes after surgery?

 It is not essential to wash your surgeon’s shoe after any surgery yet you want them to sanitize for avoiding mishaps. Depending on the current situation, it’s vital to disinfect your shoe to get rid of infections.


It’s not going to be a very confusing journey now hopefully since you have all the right information. Just go through the factors we mentioned to pick the finest option for you. Picking one out of these 7 best operating room (or) shoes recommendations will also not disappoint you.

However, make sure you are not facing any dilemma regarding the choice-making process. Take your time and think about what you would particularly prefer in your perfect operating room footwear.

This Should Be Enough to Grab You a Decent Pick!

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