Best Jordans For Wide Feet – 5 Exclusive Picks

Best Jordans For Wide Feet


Jordans are here in the industry for quite a few years now. And these are gaining constant attention as well.  Finding a comfortable pair of Jordans might be a headache for you. Not because of the budget, or you have a very picky taste or because there is less option.

But only due to the fact that your pretty feet are a bit bulky and wide. As a result, there’s been a shortage of options now that you are looking forward to grabbing something good.

Don’t worry! We are here for your rescue with 5 exclusive and best jordans for wide feet. Enjoy!

Best Jordans For Wide Feet

Best Jordans For Wide Feet

We won’t let you wait even a moment and jump right into the reviews section to enlighten the list that’s our main theme today… Here are the complete reviews!

1. Air Jordan 7 Retro Shoe– Easy to Put on and Off Design to Work Out With

Air Jordan’s shoe comes with a good fitting option so that users can wear and remove it if time is running out. It also makes sure you are fitting in not too light or loose.

This shoe on top comes with a good lacing system for getting a better shield against slippage. It also makes sure you are having no mishaps.

On top of that, this shoe comes with a strong rubber sole that allows users to walk or run with no snag. It also ensures you get rid of impact and shock trouble in uneven surfaces.


  • It comes at a good price.
  • For the quality, it’s hard to beat.
  • It is cozy to wear on the field.
  • The shoe lasts for a long-term period.
  • It fits as expected.


  • Sadly, it is hard to clean.
Should You Pick Or Not
Because of its good look and handling, this shoe is still our favorite pick for the best retro Jordans for wide feet. You can try this out for preventing soreness and improving performance.

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2. Air Jordan 13 Retro CP PE Shoe– A Great Mixtures of Style and Durability to Try Out

The best CP3 Jordan from the Air Jordan brand comes with a good blend of style and stability for years of use. It on top makes sure you are using this shoe in a basketball game with fashion.

Built with strong material, this shoe makes sure users are not facing wear and tear. It as well as ensure your lasting value with no need for repairs.

And, it comes with good footing support so that users get quicker responses. This shoe also helps in improving performance.


  • The shoe helps to prevent foot pain.
  • Great pick for daily use.
  • It appears with good traction.
  • The shoe has a heavy cushion for all-day comfort.
  • It is made of strong material.


  • Not for narrow feet.
Should You Pick Or Not
It’s one of the best Air Jordans for wide feet with good padding liner and ground support that your feet will thank with the personal best score. This shoe is worthy of great comfort that isn’t in all shoes.

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3. Jordan Men’s Flyknit Elevation 23 Basketball Sneaker– Get Rid of Heat Feel When Playing with This One

If looking for the best Jordan sneakers that help to avoid the heat, then it’s a great option. This sneaker for men is made of soft and cozy fabric that helps absorbing heat.

It on top comes with high-cut type design that gives ample ankle support for users to play well. This shoe also ensures better movement of joints.

Plus, this shoe comes with rubber insole that gives better walking support on uneven surfaces. It also helps you to avoid slipping.


  • Great option for basketball players.
  • It is suitable for wide or broad feet.
  • This shoe is more comfortable than others.
  • It appears with an attractive color to style along.
  • The client service is helpful.


  • Some people find trouble with laces.
Should You Pick Or Not
This true to size shoe is a big blessing for any sports lover who has wide feet. With its light and attractive looks, we find it very quick to respond and cool for use in different purposes.

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4. Jordan Nike Men’s Air 10 Retro Smoke Grey Shoe– One of the Best Nike Jordan Shoes for Comfort

Looking for a comfortable shoe made of leather fabric? If so, The Jordan Nike Men’s shoe is a great option. It also makes sure a cozy feel to your feet.

This shoe on top comes with good heel support so that users can easily run with no snag of injury. It also makes sure no effect on any surface at ease.

Besides, this shoe comes with heavy paddling liner that makes sure no odor after wearing it for long hours. It also allows you to avoid foot smells.


  • It has good spaces to rest feet cozily.
  • The shoe is perfect for large feet.
  • It helps the user to improve mobility.
  • The shoe is light in weight.
  • Great option for any surface types.


  • Not for high arches.
Should You Pick Or Not
With smoke gray color, this shoe is a must-have option for players who desire full freedom of movement. It is also great for getting good breathability to keep your feet away from heat and sweat.

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5. Jordan Air XIII Retro Shoe– Stop the Snag of Slipping or Tripping with This One

Another coolest shoe by Jordan brand comes with a slip-free treads design for avoiding mishaps. It also makes sure no trouble from foot injuries.

This shoe on top comes with perfect ankle support to play comfortably with no fatigue. It as well as makes sure your feet are free from heavier feel.

And, it is made of good stitching material that makes sure no abrasion. This shoe also makes sure you are using it for a longer period of time.


  • The sole is stronger for any surface use.
  • Great shoe for expert players.
  • It appears with good style and design.
  • The shoe is restful in use.
  • It has good cushioning to boost performance.


  • A few people find issues with size.
Should You Pick Or Not
If you are looking for good Jordan shoes that give better protection against impact like a knight, then it’s a smart pick. This shoe is also easy to wear with good heel support to try out.

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Important Factors To Choose When Buying Jordans For Wide Feet

Important Factors To Choose When Buying Jordans For Wide Feet

Picking the best Jordan basketball shoes for wide feet is easy if you consider a few things. You definitely want to go with a good quality Jordan shoe that has durability, comfort, and control. So, read down below to find out the aspects:

Check the Grip

The grip is what you need when it comes to picking the Jordan for wide feet. It actually indicates all the power that’ll help your foot to stop anytime or walk-in speed when needed.

Consider the Material

Another thing you want to check is the material of the outsole and insole. Most good quality materials of Jordan shoes are rubber, leather, fabric, or synthetic. The material also ensures the entire comfort feel, durability, and of course, resists snags of impact and heat.

Test the Fitting

The best Jordan shoes are those that allow your feet to fit rightly with plenty of room to never feel pain. Based on fitting, you can achieve your ideal one by easily wearing and removing it. So, check the style and design that fits your wide feet better then pick one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Jordan good for playing games?

To improve your style of playing games, Jordan shoes do play a good role. But it will not dramatically change your whole performance. Yet, the Jordan shoe will help you give footing support, comfort, and coolness when playing games for a long while.

What is the price of a pair of Jordan shoes?

Jordans are made in China that come at no more than $80 to $300 dollar. The price of Jordan shoes actually depends on the overall quality. If the quality of Air Jordan is considered good, the price will be higher too.

How long do Jordan shoes last?

Most Air Jordans last for at least 6 to 8 years and after that you may need to replace them. However, it can last even longer if you care and maintain it in a good way.


And on that note, we hope you are one step ahead of finding that perfect pair of best jordans for wide feet fittings. With the prior knowledge and a little bit of understanding about what certain taste you carry, the following purchase trail should not be too hard now.

Just make sure you don’t rush into the process and grab enough ideas on points that are still confusing to you.  Good Luck with Finding the Beautiful One!

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