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Best Insoles for Jordan 1


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No matter if you are having a busy day at your workplace or spending some leisurely walking time in the nearby park, wearing footwear that does no feels comfortable is a nightmare that can turn everything upside down.

From the lack of additional cushioning, your arch will not have the right support. As a result, foot pains get an invitation without you ever wanting. So, if you own a comfortable and classy pair of Jordan 1 already, let it pair up with an insole.

Ask what’s the best insoles for Jordan 1? According to the longer-lasting, comfort level and pricing we have enlisted 5 ( out of 7) best insoles for Jordan 1:

  1. Best For Unisex: Superfeet Green Professional-Grade Insole– Get Maximum Foot Comfort with This One
  2. Editor’s Pick: Superfeet Blue Professional-Grade Insole– Ideal Profile to Fit in Your Shoes with This One
  3. Overall Best: FORM Premium Blue Insole– Avoid Feet and Knee Stress with This One
  4. Spenco Women’s Total Support Max Shoe Insole– Get Better Motion Control with This One
  5. Powerstep Blue Pinnacle Insole– Keep Your Feet Cool with This One

Best Insoles For Jordan 1

Best Insoles For Jordan 1

We will be digging right into the complete reviews with both goods and bad included. Enjoy!

1. Superfeet Green Professional-Grade Insole- Get Maximum Foot Comfort with This One

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For those of you who prefer one of the best Jordan replacement insoles that give heavy-duty shock absorption and legendary support, then it’s a good pick. You can try this insole if you want your footwear to fit and feel better.

Superfeet’s insole is made of closed-cell soft foam that makes sure lasting comfort. It also makes sure no pain, ache or soreness so that you walk or play with no snag.

This shoe insole on top comes with an organic odor-control surface that makes sure the user’s feet do not smell bad after wearing for too long. It also allows your feet to stay away from bacteria.

And, it comes with 2” height and 5” width design that goes well with any roomy footwear. If needed, you can also cut the insole to match with your shoe.


  • The shoe insole is cozy on feet.
  • It appears with good cushion paddling line for long term use.
  • The Jordan insole has an affordable price point.
  • It is easy to trim and fit.
  • The insole reduces stress on the knees and ankles.


  • It delivers squeaky noise when walking.

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2. Superfeet Blue Professional-Grade Insole- Ideal Profile to Fit in Your Shoes with This One

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Due to its medium thickness and great arch, it is our most beloved choice for high-performance insoles. This shoe insole is also great to give a try for its long-lasting foot support with no snag of feet pain.

One of the finest Superfeet insoles that come with medium profiles with a good fit to the user’s feet to feel under their sole. It also ensures you are wearing it cozily with no snag of a loose fit.

This insole on top comes with a good stabilizer cap that makes sure users are getting good structure and support. It also ensures your foot is getting good control when walking.

On top of that, it comes with a decent heel cup that helps users to position rightly. This insole also absorbs and softens impact from the ground.


  • The shoe insole appears with perfect heel support.
  • It helps users to work for long hours.
  • The insoles are very durable and good in performance.
  • It gives good protection against cuts and rocky paths.
  • The price of this insole is decent.


  • Some people find trouble with quality.

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3. FORM Premium Blue Insole- Avoid Feet and Knee Stress with This One

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This custom fitting style insole is a big deal for anyone who wants comfortable experience when they are dealing with an injury. You want to try this out for maximum-support fitting athletic and casual footwear.

Form’s Insole is made of EVA foam that gives feet and knee stress relief. It is also designed for both men and women that are air Jordan 1 comfortable fit for any user to wear daily when jogging.

This insole on top comes with 19% Polyurethane material that gives no fatigue or heavy feel. It also makes sure you are walking or doing different tasks at ease.

Besides, it comes with a heel cup that is designed for any user optimal support while stabilizing and positioning the heel. This insole also makes sure you are not facing impact trouble.


  • This shoe insole is a great pick for higher arches.
  • It is comfortable and easy to custom mold.
  • The insole is super simple to insert and remove.
  • Perfect for plantar issues or tendinitis.
  • The insole helps feet to avoid sharp rocks.


  • Not a decent option for wider feet.

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4. Spenco Women’s Total Support Max Shoe Insole- Get Better Motion Control with This One

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With firm arch support and stability, this insole is a wise choice for those who join in a variety of physical activities. It’s also a good investment for achieving no slip or trip trouble in the critical surface.

Spenco Women’s insole is another pick that we love for its good design that helps improving motion control. It also makes sure you are getting rid of over-pronation at ease.

Unlike others, the brand on top comes with 1 year of quality assurance for their buyers to enjoy return benefits. They also make sure their buyers are fully happy with the purchase.

This shoe as well as comes with a strong forefoot pad that makes sure users are getting less pressure. It also makes sure you are getting no snag of traction from the ball to your foot.


  • Good option for both men and women.
  • It works great in athletic shoes, low profile shoes, and boots.
  • The insole is strong, durable, and rigid.
  • For the quality, it’s hard to beat.
  • It is helpful for comfort and high arches.


  • The user guide is hard to understand.

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5. Powerstep Blue Pinnacle Insole- Keep Your Feet Cool with This One

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If you are looking for neutral arch support insoles that are true to size, then it’s an ideal pick. This shoe insole is also great to try for keeping your feet comfortable, healthier, and blister-free.

Powerstep’s insole is made of antimicrobial top fabric that makes no snag of heat while working. It also helps your feet to stay cool, dry, and odor-free during strenuous activity.

With variable cushion tech, this insole comes with a foam base and plush top layer that give dual-layer to achieve sole comfort in your shoes. It also allows you to enjoy targeted and controlled cushioning.

This insole is great for a good variety of shoe types such as athletic, casual, dress, and work shoes or boots. It also allows you to enjoy many games with no trouble.


  • The shoe insole is super supportive and comfortable under feet.
  • It has strong material that lasts for years.
  • The insole helps any user feet to avoid slippage.
  • Great option for flat-footed pain.
  • It has a good mixture of quality, value, and comfort.


  • A few people find the client support not helpful.

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6. Physix Gear Full Length Orthotic Insert- Get Rid Of Slippage with This One

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It’s one of the coolest options for both men and women to get improved stability and balance in any athletic activity.  This insole is a huge option for you to avoid muscle fatigue in feet & legs.

Physix Gear’s Jordan 1 insert comes with exceptional support for proper foot posture with no slip snag. It also makes sure you are holding insole securely in place throughout all day.

This insole on top comes with a convenient and extremely soothing solution for those with flat feet, runner’s knee, and shin splints. It also helps to relieve metatarsal arch and heel pain.

Made of EVA foam and PU materials, this insert makes sure your foot is walking comfortably. It also ensures your feet get the care they deserve even after years of use.


  • The shoe insole appears with accurate size options.
  • It is a good pick for multiple reasons.
  • The insole gives a massaging feel on the feet.
  • Great inserts at a reasonable price.
  • It comes with good endurance and arch support.


  • Not a decent option for Plantar Fasciitis

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7. ViveSole Plantar Fasciitis Insole- Stop the Trouble of Shock with This One

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This Jordan 1 sizing wide feet insole is a great alternative for wearing with most shoe styles, including casual, dress, and athletic shoes. You are free to try this insole out for your four sessions use.

ViveSole insole comes with shock-absorbing cushions that help to minimize stress and fatigue. It also makes sure your feet are working fine even if contacting with rocky, hilly, or rough terrain.

This shoe on top is made with lightweight foam with no flattering for users to enjoy extended longevity. It also makes sure good airflow.

Plus, it comes with a washable liner that allows users to easily clean the surface. To wash, you want to take a mixture of water and detergent and rub the insole with a brush. Then, wipe with a tissue.


  • One of the best picks for boots and sneakers.
  • The shoe insole appears with good arch supports.
  • It gives good comfort on the foot and ankle.
  • The client service is great for giving advice.
  • It appears with true to size options.


  • Many people find the insole larger than others.

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What to Look for the Best Insoles for Jordan 1?

What to Look for the Best Insoles for Jordan 1

Around the market, Jordan shoes are really special! Isn’t it? However, now you definitely want to check some facts before picking one from the market. Good quality and feature insole that lasts longer is everyone’s desire for not regretting later. Yet, here are some other aspects that you want in your Jordan insoles:

Check the Material

When you are picking Jordan insoles, it’s vital to ensure the fabric. Most good quality insoles are made of foam, polyurethane, polyester, and PU fabrics. These materials are also good for low, neutral, and high arches support to walk or play.

Pick the Versatile One

Another thing you want to check in Jordan insoles is the versatility. A good pair of shoe insoles for your climbing, ball games, sports, camping, running, and other activities are considered a better choice to go with.

Consider the Comfort

You also want to ensure the comfort of your chosen Jordan insole that doesn’t invite feet and ankle pain. The insole on top should feature a shock-absorbing cushion in the heel for you to avoid cuts. So, make sure you are choosing an insole that is comfortable to walk in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Jordan 1 insole removable?

Jordan 1 insole is easy to remove if it is not glued down or a fixed setup. If your insole comes with glued down, then drag the tongue so that it opens from the shoe. Use your finger in between the side of the shoe and insole with steady pressure. It’ll be removed easily.

How to achieve perfect Jordan insoles size?

To achieve the perfect fit, you want to focus on Jordan’s insoles size. If you have wider or narrow feet, it’s better to go with 1 size up or down than your usual size to fit comfortably. You can also go with the usual size if you don’t like a loose fit.

Can I wash my Jordan 1 insoles?

If your Jordan insole has washable material, you are free to clean in wet or dry conditions at ease. Yet, avoid using insoles in the washing machine.

Wrap Up

And here we are hitting the finale for today’s chat. We hope, you are now in a better place with the right knowledge of picking the best insoles for Jordan 1 that will make your feet feel loved.

Also, make sure you give enough importance to the factors that we told you about earlier. Do your research properly, sit down, think about it, and make the right choice to knock your door with the parcel shipping soon.

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