Adidas i-5923 VS Iniki- How to Know the Best?

Adidas i-5923 VS Iniki


With the trend of following back mid-century styles, Adidas introduced us with the perfect 80’s match ever. Though Adidas i-5923 VS Iniki, these two pairs often create confusion because of their similar appearance.

Both of these products are a creation of Adidas and arrived on the market based on the same inspiration for vintage style. These two models have their separate vast number of users. In which group do you fit is only possible to know by measuring the comfort variability, slight changes in outlook, and the materials used.

We are here to help you out about which one between them is your winning shot. Do not miss any tiny details to reach the right destination.

Adidas i-5923 VS Iniki- Distinct Differences

While selecting any model over an external look is much easier but unless you are enough lucky, you have to suffer because of the internal performance. This is why comfy facts of a pair is one important calculation. Apart from the similarities, here you will find all the differences between the retro runner shoes:

Table of Comparison

Adidas i-5923

Adidas Iniki


Regular boost midsole

Thicker boost midsole

Opt For

Daily lifestyle

Extreme regular runners

Product Dimension

5 x 5 x 0.7 inches

12.05 x 8.19 x 4.8 inches

Attached Socks

No hidden sock

Hidden sock available

Travel Preference

Highly recommended

Not recommended for travel


Easily washable in the washing machine

Better to wash by hands

Top 3 Picks 

1.adidas Originals Men’s I-5923 Shoe

2.adidas I-5923 Shoes Men’s

3. adidas Womens I-5923 Casual Sneakers,

1.adidas Men’s Iniki Runner Cls

2. adidas Iniki Runner

3. adidas Iniki Runner W

Recommended Pick: Adidas i-5923

The technology along with retro style made this foot-wear more applicable. It has all the regular landmarks like any other sneaker. Boost technology and upper Suede construction made it exceptional and more worthy. Some of the upshots to discuss are:

Adidas Boost Midsole

The specially used Boost Technology in these sneakers is an ultimate highlight. Because of this texture not only the shoe is comfortable to wear for a long time but also it is foldable, instant crease removal and lightweight.

Lace Cramped

Adidas is offering lace closing in i 5923 model. This will make your feet to fit in more with the tight bindings. Though some of you indeed find the lace cramping hazardous and time-consuming in case of the best fitting and confident moving nothing can compare with other closing methods.

Variation in Colors

When everything is perfect and comfortable, still the color might be the issue for you to leave behind a great pair of sneakers. Adidas i 5923 has some trending color combination which will go with your outfits without any question.

Therefore, it has black, blue, brown, red, pink, purple and so many colors. To get the right color you might need to contact the manufacturer before to ensure its availability.

Outer Design

Adidas i 5923 has an awesome retro outer design which is collaborating with trending colors. You can pick any pair combining with white, three stripes on both sides and around design in the end and beginning.

Stretchy Mesh on Outside

One of the material is meshed in the making of Adidas i 5923, the reason why this shoe is breathable. It makes your long time wearing a pleasant experience. Also, the topping becomes soft and durable with the usage of mesh.


  • An everyday choice on any occasion.
  • Easy packaging for travel.
  • Fashionable with all outfits.
  • Wide range of color choices.


  • You need to choose one or half-inch less size to fit better.
Available On Amazon

Another Choice: Iniki

As we have already made it clear, both of these pairs have so many similarities still there are a few things, needed to be checked if your demand is matching with these particular materials and characteristics. Here the functions are:

Rubber Sole

As the Iniki version is more focusing on running for a long time it has thicker boost midsole. The rubber sole makes strong tractions with the roads and helps to comfort your steps as long as possible.

Hidden Sock Approach

The sock is attached to the sneaker so no scary moment of losing and searching while you are already late. It also saves the time of wearing socks differently and helps your heels to stay hard on the shoe and fasten you speed.

Long Distance Running

Adidas Iniki is more of a running shoe. Long time wearing needs some extra features which will make you go on running and not tiring. As a matter of fact, it may harm your feet in various ways so Iniki has made on the concept of resting your feet a bit.


  • Better adjustments with attached socks.
  • Preferable for long time runners.
  • Durable materials to overcome hardships.
  • Thicker boost midsole.


  • Not recommended using in regular lifestyle.

Which should be Your Ideal Pick?

After going through this exciting face-off between Adidas i-5923 and Adidas Iniki, all the details of these pairs should be familiar to you by now.

Here to refer, though both of these products are running shoes according to the wearer’s experience, Adidas i 5923 is excellent for daily use on any occasion with almost every outfit. What more do you expect from one pair of sneaker taking up all other responsibilities.

Hence, Adidas Iniki is the one true fitting and recommended for long time running sneaker. The designs do not have much variety so that choosing focusing on your need would be a wise decision.

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