Adidas Continental 80 Vs Reebok Classic- Which One Is For You?

Adidas Continental 80 Vs Reebok Classic


Being a shoe lover, you must know the importance of choosing the best brand and type of shoe. While selecting a suitable branded shoe, you must notice its style, durability, and comfort.

When we think about the branded shoes, two names automatically come across in our mind- Adidas and Reebok. Both renowned brands have the same popularity and reputation.

Today we will debate on two top-rated shoes of these phenomenal brands – Adidas Continental 80 Vs Reebok Classic to assist you in picking the accurate one for you.

So at the end of this debate, you will know- which one will outshine?

Adidas Continental 80 Vs Reebok Classic

When talking about the best quality shoes, Adidas and Reebok, none of them will lag behind. Both brands manufacture stylish shoes for men, women and children. To choose the right branded shoe, you have to know all the similarities and dissimilarities in detail. So let’s go through the detailed discussion.

Adidas Continental 80

Reebok Classic


Extra-soft leather

  Soft leather upper


Effective breathability and excellent airflow

The nylon upper provides better breathability


Offers improved stability

Offers enhanced stability


Black, white, cream or other solid colors

Comes in several colors


Improves your comfort level

Durable and comfortable

Top 3 Models

  1. Adidas Originals Men’s Continental 80 Sneaker– Stylish shoes
  2. Adidas Originals Men’s Continental 80 Ballistic– Best for durability
  3. Adidas Men’s Continental 80 Casual Sneakers– Classic shoes
  1. Reebok Classic Leather Sneaker–Great looking sneaker
  2. Reebok Classic Nylon Sneaker– Stylish and comfortable
  3. Reebok Classic Leather Kids Shoe-Great fit

Recommended Pick: Adidas Continental 80

From the race of these two products, we will give some extra points to Adidas Continental 80. Many factors present behind this recommendation.

At first, this stylish shoe has crafted with high-quality material that enhances the stability and durability of the product. It has made up of extra soft quality leather to improve your comfort level and also has a rubber cup sole. The flexible EVA foaming cushion elevates your feet to make you feel comfortable.

In addition, the sleek design and excellent retro vibe make it more elegant. It provides a wide range of colorways and a perfect selection for those who are looking for wide feet shoes. The Continental 80 provides premium durability, flexibility, and ensures high performance.

Now let’s talk about its highlighted features.

Eye-catchy Design

The excellent design of this shoe gives you classier look. It has wide varieties of color range and available in white, cream, black or any type of solid color.

High-quality Material

It has crafted with terry cloth, soft, smooth leather and rubber sole. This leather upper enhances the outlook of this shoe and increases the softness. The extra smooth leather ensures toe perforation and the rubber sole divides between your toe and feet to create cushioning.


It consists of upper, mid and outsole. The upper sole is designed to increase breathability and comfort. Midsole creates cushioning and excellent support. The outsole is made for providing great traction.


The top-quality manufacturing materials and supreme leather work together to redouble the durability and make it long-lasting for everyday uses. It has double stitching to strengthen the shoes.


Lighter leathers allow exceptional airflow to keep your feet feel fresh and absorb excessive moisture. It considers as a good fit for summer as it has effective breathability.


Adidas Continental 80 has perfectly fit to wider feet. It is not suitable for narrow feet. So if you intend to buy shoe for your larger width feet, it is a good choice.


Another exclusive feature of this shoe, it has EVA foaming cushion that increases flexibility, extends longevity and maximizes comfort in every step. You can easily clean the shoes.


  • Good for wider feet
  • Attractive design
  • Easy to style
  • Affordable


  • Lack of support

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 Details Of Reebok Classic

Reebok classic is one of the most comfortable, good looking shoes and great fit and durable in all type of weather. It provides protection and delivers efficiency.

Let discuss the features below!


The shoe has made up of soft leather and synthetic fiber. It is lightweight, good option for daily wear and exercise.

Type of sole

It consists of insole and outsole. Insole part provides comfort. The outsole has made from rubber allows traction, increases durability and reduces the chance of danger on your walking path.


The die-cut design and cushioning add durability. The additional cushion protects your feet while running.


If you look for a lightweight and comfortable shoe then Reebok classic is perfect for you. The excellent airflow and ventilation increase the comfort level.


  • Great look
  • Stable and durable
  • Breathable
  • Easy to customize


  • Not available in wider width

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Which One is Your Suitable Selection?

The Adidas Continental 80 can be a better option for the buyers who intend to buy a budget-friendly shoes with high performance. It is a great choice for daily wear and comfortably fit for your feet. It can be a good selection if you search for wider feet shoes or sneakers.

If you want to experience exceptional stability and top-level performance, then the Reebok Classic is the suitable selection for you. It is also a great match for those, who look for an average or narrow width feet shoe to provide excellent support to their feet and increase their comfort.

After going through this entire article, now you can differentiate all the features and make a suitable decision to select the right branded shoe for you.

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