Adidas Cloudfoam Vs Boost- Which Footwear Meets Your Needs?

Adidas Cloudfoam Vs Boost


Both Cloudfoam and the Boost shoes seem trying to beat each other. But who gets the chance to be on your top list from adidas cloudfoam vs boost?

Before coming to a point, you must be sure of the significant features that each comes with. In this context, we will discuss that in detail but with concise points to get you the right one that your leg needs.

So, let’s dive into the head to head battle of two gems from Adidas.

Featuring Comparison of Adidas Cloudfoam Vs Boost

Adidas Cloudfoam

Adidas Boost

Construction Base

Cushioned Foam Insole baseMost Responsive cushioning base


LightweightHeavier varying different size

Upper Design

Knit designKnit & prime-knit in some models

Price Range

ReasonableComparatively pricy

Best Usability

Ideal for duty walking to racingBest for running


Super-soft cushioning padInnovative Thermoplastic Polyurethane cells

Top 3 Picks

1. Adidas Men’s Cloudfoam– Durable Sneaker with Ortholite Insole

2. Adidas Cloudfoam Womens– Best Running Shoes from CF

3. Adidas Cloudfoam Lite Racer– Breathable Shoe with Stretch Upper Mesh

1. Adidas Men’s Ultraboost– Pure Leather Sneaker with Fine Arch Support

2. Adidas Pureboost Womens– Running Shoes with Responsive Cushioning

3. Adidas Men’s Pureboost Go– Running shoe with durable knit upper

Comparing Core Features Of Both Series

Unlock the features of these two shoe models from Adidas with top-notch suggestions.

Comparing the Materials of Adidas Cloudfoam & Boost

Adidas Cloudfoam has been developed with new EVA stuff to walk like you are floating. The innovative module of soft cushioning makes you feel like walking in the air. However, the knit textile form of the upper with fine textile lining sometimes comes with the pure leather component.

Bringing a twist to the Adidas shoes, Adidas Boost comes out of the EVA technology and uses thermoplastic polyurethane particles to expand. As a result, it creates cells with enough tiny pockets of air.

This expanded Hydrocarbon is known as the TPU. With this technology, Adidas Boost brings models such as the Energy Boost, Ultra Boost, Supernova Boost, Pulse Boost, etc. And this makes Adidas shoes the best performer in racing miles after miles.

Everyone Choose: Adidas Ultraboost Sneakers for Men– Pure Leather Sneaker with Fiber Placements

This Ultraboost sneaker comes with sufficient arch support to run with super convenience. The bounce cushioning helps with more flexible movement wearing this. And the firm midsole is included here to make you feel the Boost.

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Style & Design of Both Models

The Cloudfoam might concern with the softer cushioning for utmost comfort to your feet. But this does not mean you need to compromise with your outfits to wear Cloudfoam shoes. The various colors of these shoes and the knit design make them perfect with any clothing.

You either go with your casual dres’ suit or the colorful outfit. The prominent look, design, and vibrant color of Cloudfoam perfectly go well. After all, the design of the Cloudfoam is to bring innovation to traditional shoes.

You don’t find the traditional tongue design here, rather you a cloud cushioning with the casual look.

On the contrary, the Boost features some sport styles that make them the precise option for the racers, athletes, etc. Undoubtedly, it has changed the name of running shoes with its temperature-enduring shoe design.

Yes, Adidas Boost shoes feature such a design that protects your shoes from sun, rain, or fog. No tension for your shoe to lose its lifetime under extreme temperature.

Popular Picks: Adidas Cloudfoam Regular Fit– Sneaker with the Signature Look

This CF shoe design will surely make you fall in love with it. The signature look goes with any suit casual to athlete runners. And the wider opening with broad platform help with providing a comfortable standing.

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Comparing User Comfort

The Cloudfoam comes with an ultra-soft cushioning pad that you feel like walking in the air, not with the shoes. On top of that, the cushioning design molds in any feet shape you need. So, you won’t feel like you’re wearing anything on your shoes.

Adidas Boost comes with the same technology with extra. Adidas Boost shoes are wider and broader, adding more user comfort. And the upper cushioning liner makes it more convenient to use than you might face with the lacing support with tightening issue.

Not only this rather, but the Boost modules also come with wider and narrow designed shoes that allow you to have them without any hassle while wearing them. So, the Adidas Boost gets the point here in terms of user comfort.

Some Adidas Boost models come with sufficient arch support beneficial for the Achilles or other foot pain relief.

Best Recommendation Adidas Men’s Pureboost Go– Responsive Cushioning with Rubber Outsole

Pureboost comes with a durable upper knit with a lace closure design. It’s ultimate cushioning inside with a natural look provides delicate feet support. And it is wider enough to let the movement for the foot with Achilles.

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Sole Comparison- Insole & Outsole

The crucial point of the shoe isthe insole. The Cloudfoam comes with the strategy that the law of conservation of energy applies. Well, to understand this better, let’s have some Physics basics.

Well, the law of the conservation states-you get that much you spent or applied. Similarly, in the Cloudfoam shoes, the midsole is so soft that each energy from it bounces for all the applies onto it. Consequently, it gives you the feel ofstepping on air.

On the contrary, the Adidas Boost comes with a Thermoplastic Polyurethane midsole that brings more softness and cushioning points to bring innovation in the feet comfort. Moreover, the delicate upper sole (Some comes with the elastic upper sole) provides a proper grip with much comfort that won’t make the feet tighten.

Exclusive Choice: Adidas Ultraboost 19 for Men– Get the Maximum Comfort with Fine Soles

Make your running shoe more comfortable with these Ultraboost shoes with continental rubber outsole. However, sufficient low-top arch support combines a complete running shoe with proper comfort.

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Comparing Breathability features on Boost & Cloudfoam

The Cloudfoam does not only come with a comfortable midsole but a knit upper design allowing proper airflow and ventilation of the air. The upper knit is soft to sustain the original shoe shape, but you can feel the Cloudfoam shoe hugging your feet with cushioning points.

On top of this, the temperature endurance features are obviously to get over with any weather-friendliness.

Similarly, the Boost module shoes feature. But here it comes with one step extra. Along with the proper breathable stuff, Boost comes with pressure endurance features. Boost technology makes the shoes provide less pressure on the foot and make the feet walk with less weight.

Your Picks: Adidas Men’s Cloudfoam Lite Racer– Breathable mesh with Ortholite Sockliner

It brings extra soft cushioning pad insoles and stretching mesh with textile and synthetic upper. So, you get not only finely breathable shoes but proper support for running with the comfort zone.

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Comparison in Terms of Durability

Adidas Cloudfoam provides better traction to have a sufficient grip whether you are on duty on slippery floors of the corporate offices or racing on grasses or other. This traction power of Adidas Cloudfoam makes it durable for a long time.

Unlike Cloudfoam, theBoost performs better traction with its stronger soles-both upper and outer. However, the Boost’s unique cell structure design helps with adequate grip and suitable for racing for a long time.

Best Recommended Here

Popular For Her: Adidas Women’s Pureboost– Durable Shoes with Energy Return Features

The woman’s Pureboost from Adidas brings a shoe with proper arch support and movement options for Achilles. And the innovative energy delivering functions make it have less pressure while wearing, resultingin long time durability.

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Comparison in the Best Use

Both Cloudfoam and the Boost models come with individual benefits with the best usability. But still, the Cloudfoam shoes perform better for indoor to outdoor activities, daily casual wearing, regular walking, and some for running.

On the contrary, the Boost is made to race. The proper arch support with pain relief featuring comfort allows it for a long time run, racing, sportswear, and athletic purposes.

Rich Picks: Adidas Ultraboost Women’s Running Shoes– Everything Rooted with Sport

This high-performing Boost model is invented for sports performance. The rubber sole with precise support makes it the best sports shoe ever by the users.

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What Should You Choose?

Well, both the Cloudfoam and Boost models from Adidas come with individual services and supports. But when you are a sports lover, you must pick the Boost as it provides the ultimate energy delivery and makes the shoe super lightweight with incredible cell technology.

However, for casual wear to daily jogging, Adidas Cloudfoam can do the job with performance consistency. Going through this complete comparison on Adidas Cloudfoam vs Boost, you might have decided what you need.

Pick the right one with the correct footwear demands.

Top 5 List of Adidas Cloudfoam

  1. Adidas Cloudfoam Women’s Running Shoes: Textile Lining for Women’s Precise Fit
  2. Adidas Cloudfoam Tennis Courtpoint: Rubbery Outsole Woman’s Tennis Shoe
  3. Adidas Cloudfoam Woman’s Sneaker: Broader Boot Opening Shoes for Comfort
  4. Adidas Men’s CF Lite Racer: Racer Shoes with Ortholite Sockliner
  5. Adidas Cloudfoam Unisex Kid’s Racer: Comfortable Midsole with Elastic Laces for Kids

Top 5 List of Adidas Boost

  1. Adidas Pureboost Go men’s: Running Shoes with Achilles Support
  2. Adidas Men’s Ultraboost 20: Sneakers with Fine Arch Support
  3. Adidas Ultraboost 19 for Men: Rubber Sole with Supportive Promeknit
  4. Adidas Energy Boost 3M: 4-Way stretching Performance Runner
  5. Adidas Men’s Solar Boost: Running Shoe with High-Traction ABility

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